Reyes provokes another pitcher into a balk

Reyes provokes another pitcher into a balk

Reyes provokes another pitcher into a balk
SAN DIEGO -- Jose Reyes can make things happen so many different ways. He can change a game with his bat, glove and speed.

You can add a bluff to the list of how the Marlins' shortstop influences the outcome.

Reyes instigated the game-tying run in the fourth inning on Friday night by getting Padres pitcher Anthony Bass to flinch and balk.

Reyes doubled and moved to third with the Marlins down by a run. Seeing Bass pitching out of the windup, Reyes bluffed toward home. The antics created the balk, which sent Reyes home with the tying run.

"He can make a lot of things happen," manager Ozzie Guillen said.

During his years Reyes provoked opposing pitchers into several balks. A notable game was against the Giants at Shea Stadium in 2007.

Armando Benitez ended up committing two balks with Reyes on base in the 12th inning.

"I did that against Armando Benitez," Reyes said. "I was on third base, and he did a balk. Balked and we tied the game there."

Reyes was walked by Benitez and he advanced to second on a balk. He was sacrificed to third and scored on Benitez's second balk of the inning.

On Friday, Reyes saw Bass wasn't paying attention to him.

"The pitcher, he was in the wind up to home plate," Reyes said. "I tried to make something happen, and he made a balk."