• Executive vice president for baseball operations Joe Torre has overturned the error originally given to Yankees left fielder Eduardo Nunez in the sixth inning of the Orioles' win on Tuesday. Since the ball didn't touch Nunez's glove, it is now being scored a double for Nick Johnson, who got his first two hits of the season in that game.

• Rule 5 Draft pick Ryan Flaherty -- who is a Maine native -- will have a lot of people in the stands over this three-game series in Boston. Flaherty, who grew up a Red Sox fan, estimated he'd have about 20-30 people here over the weekend.

• In light of Mariano Rivera's right knee injury, O's closer Jim Johnson said he won't alter his pregame routine and will continue to join the rest of the relievers by shagging outfield balls during pregame batting practice. Manager Buck Showalter, who was Rivera's first Major League manager with the New York Yankees, called the season-ending injury sad news.

"He was our best center fielder," Showalter said of Rivera. "We used to play a game in extended spring, on Sunday camp day, we'd let the pitchers play a game off the coaches. ... I remember telling our farm director, 'If we figure out that this guy can't pitch, he can play center field.' He and Bernie [Williams] used to go back and forth about who was the best center fielder. It was part of his conditioning, part of why he's been so good, his routine.

Showalter said he has no plans to alter what his pitchers do in regard to pregame BP.

"The way most guys are, they're shagging, but they're standing out there," he said. "If it's hit right in my glove I catch it. I'm not saying [Johnson] is one of those guys, but it's not like they're moving a great distance. It's like bicycles, some things you can get overly cautious on, too."