Bell returns to San Diego to face former team

Bell returns to San Diego to face former team

Bell returns to San Diego to face former team
SAN DIEGO -- Surrounded by his new baseball family, Heath Bell is also spending time with his real family this weekend.

Bell's wife and children live in San Diego.

The Marlins' closer spent some time playing catch with his son, Reece, on Friday afternoon before the team took batting practice.

Reece, wearing his own Marlins uniform, sat next to his father in the dugout for an interview with media from San Diego and Miami.

"I'm on the Marlins now, and this is my team that I'm playing for, but it's great seeing my kids," said Bell, who signed with the Marlins in December after he spent five seasons with the Padres. "I haven't seen them for a long time. There are a bunch of guys I want to say hi to."

The All-Star has had his struggles on the mound this year, converting three of six save chances.

Manager Ozzie Guillen repeated on Friday that Bell is his closer and will get every opportunity to succeed in the role.

Bell is appreciative of the support from the club, and he's also receiving plenty of inspiration from home.

"First of all, I wanted to say hi to my kids and jump in my pool," Bell said. "I did that. Now, let's go beat the Padres."

Asked about his decision to sign with Miami, Bell said it was a business move.

"It's business; it's the way the game is," the veteran closer said. "Sometimes you've got to move on. I miss a lot of the guys and the coaches [in San Diego], but I've made a lot of new friends and coaches and players, too. I'm happy and excited that I get to play in Miami in a new stadium, and I'm a Marlin."