Hanley looking to snap out of slump

Hanley looking to snap out of slump

Hanley looking to snap out of slump
SAN DIEGO -- Marlins third baseman Hanley Ramirez has driven in some key runs this season, including two without getting a hit on Thursday at San Francisco.

But as Ramirez is closing in on 100 at-bats for the season, his batting average has dipped to .198 to go along with four home runs and 16 RBIs.

"He's struggling," Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen said. "The thing about Hanley is, he's had a few big hits throughout the year. But he's struggling."

Ramirez is dealing with adjustments to his swing. He tends to raise his left leg a bit high, which Guillen says makes it difficult to sustain consistency. He's also tended to elevate his hands a little higher, too.

Guillen says Ramirez reminds him of Harold Baines.

"To me, one of my best friends has Hanley's approach at the plate -- Harold Baines," Guillen said of his former White Sox teammate. "When Harold Baines got cold, he was freezing. That's hard [with the leg kick] because so many things have to go perfect. But when he got hot, he was going to burn. I lived that with Harold Baines."

Guillen says when he sees his son, Ozney, who plays college ball, raise his leg, he tells him to stop.

"When I see that with my little one, Ozney, hitting like that, I say, 'You've got to change that,'" Guillen said. "That will drive you crazy, because everything has to be perfect to get the high kick going."

A former National League batting champion, Ramirez is striving to gain the consistency that made him a three-time All-Star.

"I don't think Hanley realizes how good he can be," Guillen said. "This kid has unbelievable potential. I don't expect him to hit .350, but I don't expect him to hit .200 either."