Rivera injury won't deter Rays from routine

Rivera injury won't deter Rays from routine

Rivera injury won't deter Rays from routine
ST. PETERSBURG -- Yankees closer Mariano Rivera injured himself shagging fly balls on Thursday, but don't expect Rays pitchers to quit the time-honored pregame practice.

"I don't want it to go away," Rays manager Joe Maddon said. "That's one of the ways they try to get in shape. If we want to stop doing that, we're going to have to have every guy picked up on a daily basis by a limousine and brought to the ballpark.

"They're not a bunch of China dolls, and you can't lock them up. They're baseball players, they're having a good time. Part of it is conditioning. Part of it is routine."

Rays right-hander James Shields said "I love shagging."

"... [It's good for] cardio and it makes you feel a little athletic," he laughed. "If they need an extra outfielder, I'm good to go."

To hold back would be a dangerous path according to Shields.

"I feel like the more cautious I am out there, the more chance there is I'll get hurt," he said.

Jeremy Hellickson said that David Price definitely has "got the most energy out there" among the pitchers shagging flies during batting practice.

"We're out there pretty much every day doing that," Hellickson said. "It's just unfortunate for [Rivera] and that team, but we're out there doing it every day and you really don't hear about [people getting injured] ever."