Miami Marlins Go Viral, Fans To Reap Benefits

Miami, FL- The Miami Marlins have expanded their social media reach for the 2012 Major League season. In conjunction with Major League Baseball Advanced Media, the Marlins are expanding upon its existing active online presence on, Facebook and Twitter, with over a dozen new social marketing initiatives.  New for 2012 are enhanced presences on growing platforms such as Google+ and Pinterest, location-based check-in incentives, two distinct mobile applications, a “Baseball Miami Style” Tumblr photo blog, three official “behind the scenes” blogs including the debut of a new blog by Marlins radio broadcaster Glenn Geffner, and more; all a part of a larger comprehensive digital strategy to engage with and create deeper connections with Marlins fans around the world.

The Marlins social media experience is unique in that all levels of the organization are actively participating: from the popular Twitter accounts of Ozzie Guillen, Heath Bell, Logan Morrison and about a dozen other players, to those of the broadcasters, in-game personalities, front office staff and even the mascot, the Marlins’ social media efforts are engaging fans with access and perspectives from almost every possible angle of the Marlins experience.

“You could say that for generations baseball has always been in the business of creating memories and meaningful experiences for its fans. In today’s world, social media has become the fundamental way for fans to share their memories and experiences with each other and with their friends. It’s our goal to facilitate our fans’ ability to share these memories and stories with each other through social media, while also using these tools and strategies to enrich and enhance the Marlins experience for them at the very same time,” said Alex Buznego, Marlins Digital & Social Media Manager.

Also new for 2012:

• The “At the Ballpark” mobile application complements and personalizes your trip to Marlins Park with mobile food ordering capabilities so as to minimize time spent in food lines, as well as offering interactive ballpark amenities maps, location-based “check-in” capabilities, and more.

• Free in-park WiFi is a first on the Miami sports scene and intended to facilitate and allow for social interactions between Marlins fans in attendance at Marlins Park with those watching the Marlins around the world.

• Special “Marlins Park” pages on Facebook and Twitter serve to facilitate location-based check-ins, communicate roof openings and closings prior to game times, and more.

• Special Social Media Nights will serve to host bloggers, Twitter account holders and other loyal social media users surrounding the brand.

• Other activities include: exclusive ticket discounts and offers for social media users, three in-game text-to-win promotions, and the award-winning At Bat 2012® mobile application, which allows fans to follow games live alongside home and away radio broadcasts, in-progress video highlights and their MLB.TV Premium subscription.

As always, the Marlins’ digital platforms are available in both English and Spanish so as to provide relevant messaging to all fans, including the nation of Marlins fans across Latin America. The Marlins’ Digital efforts go beyond social media, and also consist of mobile and location-based strategies, usage of online video, digital advertising strategies, email marketing strategies, a content and video-rich website at, and more, putting the Marlins on the leading edge of interactive and digital marketing strategies across the board.

“Social media represents a shift in Marketing approaches: we aren’t talking to our fans anymore, we’re talking with them in authentic two-way conversations, engaging our fans with the brand in ways never before possible, forming deeper bonds with generations and with families,” said Sean Flynn, Marlins SVP of Marketing and Event Booking.

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