Jones, Andino visit Fan Cave in NYC

Jones, Andino visit Fan Cave in NYC

Jones, Andino visit Fan Cave in NYC
Numbers 10 and 11 on the Orioles were walking around Greenwich Village in black jerseys during the day on Wednesday, slapping the new Baltimore logo stickers on objects and pedestrians alike. It was for a funny video skit that will be available to share in the next week at -- part of a visit to the Fan Cave for Adam Jones and Robert Andino.

It was all in fun. When it comes to making a real statement in Yankees country, the players said they will continue to do their talking on the field, as they have over an impressive first month.

"It's still early, but it's a good start, the whole team is going out there to battle and win games," Andino said. "That's what we're here for.

"Same old thing -- we're gonna go out here and just play the game. Keep us in the back of your mind, but we're just going out there and playing hard. That's all we're going to do, have fun."

On his way out of the Fan Cave, Jones was asked about the "Pretender or Contender?" status that was posted on MLB's official Facebook account at the start of the Yankees series, and he shrugged it off.

"Right now, leave us alone," Jones said. "We don't even want you to talk about us. Write us off like it's already been, [as it was] in the beginning. Let us mind our own business and play our own baseball. That's our mindset, we're not really worried about anybody else. We just want to play our baseball, and pitching and defense ... that's what's going to do it.

"We know we've been playing all right so far, but [we have] five more months to do it. Our goal is to take the series tonight, it's not really [about] any other day but today's game."

After a day off on Thursday, the Orioles' next stop is Fenway Park, and then that series against the Red Sox is followed by the Rangers and Rays, an onslaught of preseason favorites.

"Welcome to the [American League] East," Jones said. "You're going to have to face some tough pitching. So what? We gotta eat, they gotta eat. We're coming in hungry. Dog-eat-dog world."

-- Mark Newman