Fast and furious: Trout flies home to first

Fast and furious: Trout flies home to first

Fast and furious: Trout flies home to first
ANAHEIM -- Angels third-base coach Dino Ebel has been clocking home-to-first times ever since he joined manager Mike Scioscia's coaching staff for the 2006 season.

He had never seen a number as low as the one Mike Trout yielded on a third-inning bunt single in Tuesday's 4-0 win over the Twins: 3.53 seconds.

"That's the first one," Ebel said. "Especially from the right side of the plate. It was pretty impressive. He's blessed with speed."

Everyone knows Trout, who led off in his first four games with the Angels but got the day off on Wednesday, can really book it down the line. But 3.53 seconds is a personal best, and almost unheard of from the right side of the batter's box.

Ebel once clocked Trout at 3.83 on a grounder from the left side, but the fact he was bunting allowed him to get some early momentum going toward first base.

"I couldn't believe it," said Ebel, who went to the video to double-check the time postgame. "That's plus running right there. It's just nice to see."

There's probably some lefty hitters who can break a 3.53 -- perhaps Ichiro Suzuki in his prime -- but from the right side, that's tough to imagine. When prompted, the only American Leaguer Ebel thought may have a chance was Blue Jays center fielder Rajai Davis.

Trout's Friday callup once again gave the Angels two incredibly fast outfielders, with Peter Bourjos being clocked at 14 seconds during an inside-the-park home run at Target Field on April 11. The two have never really raced, but the presumption is that Trout is faster from home to first and Bourjos is faster around the bases.

Bottom line: "They're both plus-plus runners," Ebel said, "so it's a good weapon to have."