Sinus infection keeps Crisp out of lineup

Sinus infection keeps Crisp out of lineup

Sinus infection keeps Crisp out of lineup
BOSTON -- Sidelined for seven games due to illness in April, Coco Crisp found himself back in the doctor's office on the first day of May with a sinus infection, leading to another missed start Tuesday.

Manager Bob Melvin said the illness, which is separate from the virus that plagued Crisp for much of the last couple of weeks, surfaced Monday and that "as the game progressed last night, he looked worse to me."

"He's had a tough little go," Melvin said. "It's a pretty good sinus infection. With the weather on top of that, I just couldn't run him out there today. He didn't fight me on it. He normally fights me, but this time not as much as usual. My feeling is it's probably the right thing to do today."

Oakland's skipper ensured that Crisp was checked out "like you wouldn't believe" during the period he was suffering from the virus that led to an inner ear infection, noting that it's just a head cold this time and that the outfielder will likely be back in action for Wednesday's series finale, before resting on Thursday's off-day.

With Crisp out of the mix, as has been the case 32 percent of the season, Melvin utilized newcomer Brandon Inge in the second spot of the lineup, with Jonny Gomes taking over defensive duties in left field. Elsewhere in the lineup, Anthony Recker received his first start of the season at designated hitter. Recker entered the day 1-for-7 in his starting assignments, but he went 2-for-3 on Monday night after taking over catcher duties for Kurt Suzuki in the middle innings.

"He's swung the bat pretty well," Melvin said. "I think he deserves it. We really haven't been able to find him some consistent at-bats, and he comes in the game last night and has some good ones."

It marked the first time of this season Recker and Suzuki appeared in the same lineup, a scenario that never would have unfolded before Inge's arrival Monday. Inge has made 376 career appearances behind the plate, though he purposely left behind his catcher's mitt in Detroit.

"I don't care if he did or he didn't, I'll find him one," Melvin joked. "We have plenty catcher's gloves around here."