Mauer takes cuts of another sort at Fan Cave

Mauer takes cuts of another sort at Fan Cave

Mauer takes cuts of another sort at Fan Cave
Craig Nordquist was sitting at Yankee Stadium cheering for Joe Mauer and the Twins on Tuesday night when he saw a tweet from MLB Fan Cave Dweller Lindsay Guetzel:

"Know any @Twins fans in NYC? Send them to the @MLBFanCave tomorrow at 10:40am for a chance to hang with Joe Mauer & the #CaveDwellers!"

Seventeen hours later, Nordquist was sitting in a barber's chair at the Cave having his hair shampooed by the 2009 American League MVP.

A Minnesota season ticket holder since 2001 and former usher for the team, Nordquist moved to New York three months ago. Although Guetzel's cryptic message revealed little about what lie in store at the Cave, he couldn't pass up an opportunity to meet one of his favorite players.

Nordquist was selected from a group of fans crowded outside the Cave and soon informed that he'd not only meet Mauer, but also receive a Head & Shoulders shampooing worthy of a four-time All-Star. "Wearing the Joe Mauer jersey may have helped," he admitted.

Sunnie Brook Jones, Mauer's personal hair stylist, seated Nordquist in a barber's chair, reclined his head over a sink and worked a thick lather of shampoo into his short brown locks. The Twins' backstop later assisted with a spray bottle and some finger coiffing of his own.

"When I don't have Joe Mauer washing my hair, it's just typically whatever happens in the shower -- not anything too special," Nordquist said afterward. "So that was a treat."

Once Mauer finished showing off his stylist's chops, talk shifted to his own prickly almond 'do. With 162 games crammed into six months, frequent travel and the ever-present threat of hat hair, how does one of the Major Leagues' most recognizable stars keep his follicles looking fresh?

"Up until about a year-and-a-half ago, before I did Head & Shoulders, it was pretty much just a two-guard and something real simple," Mauer said.

But times have changed. Mauer now sits down with Jones every few weeks for a touch-up that includes scissors, clippers and trimmers. The entire process -- shampoo and rinse -- takes 20-40 minutes, depending on whether Mauer is giving interviews while getting lined up. "He's an athlete, so he needs to have it in place," the stylist said. "He needs no fuss. We have to take some weight out of his hair in the top area because it's so thick."

Although the catcher has favored a low-maintenance look since childhood -- no Jonny Gomes Mohawk or John Axford Fu Manchu here -- he's not without a signature touch of his own: the sideburns.

"I kind of left them my rookie year," Mauer said of the whiskers that reach almost to the bottom of his earlobes. "I think they started running with it up there in Minnesota. Now, I can't get rid of them -- or else I'll have to answer a lot of questions about it."

Jones could only agree that there's no reason to take a razor to a good thing.

"I'm not sure why people got obsessed with [the sideburns]," said Jones, "but they just add to his look."

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