Anne in the Stands: Hanging in there

Anne in the Stands: Hanging in there

We've had a late spring here in the 'burbs of Milwaukee. Finally last week, my garden burst with color, as the heavenly scent of lilacs blended with the last of the flowering crabs and lilies of the valley. And ta-da! My Brewers played in their own backyard and bloomed, too.

I went to six games in eight days, a record for me. I clapped so hard my shoulders hurt. I high-fived so many people my hands stung. For luck, I sang every round of the national anthem, Take Me Out to the Ballgame and Roll Out the Barrel. Out of hunger and nervousness, I gobbled and slurped my way through my husband's bag of peanuts, my nephew's bag of peanuts, through three burgers, a half dozen Diet Cokes, 10 bottles of water, two turkey wraps and a slice of cheese pizza.

In the company of 35,000-plus fans per game, I sacrificed all in the name of winning baseball.

According to my unofficial tally, in those six games I helped my wonderful Brewers score 30 runs on 48 hits, including eight doubles, four triples, six of the usual kind of homers and one quite thrilling in-the-park home run. Whew! I worked hard to help the team take two out of three from the Braves and sweep both the Astros and the Diamondbacks to get the team record back above the .500 mark. I hope I can do the same during the next homestand.

Hair, or lack thereof
I've always assumed baseball players get bored in between games and decide to entertain themselves by redesigning the hair on their faces and on their heads. Some relief pitchers, I've noticed, like to let their hair grow over their collars and into their eyes, a la Derrick Turnbow.

Others leave a narrow ridge of whiskers along their jaw line or a tuft in the cleft of their chin. The other night, while J.J. Hardy was being interviewed on TV after hitting the home run that helped clinch the game, I noticed a change. His usual three-day shadow has grown into a nearly full beard, a style that makes him look older, perhaps less like a rookie. Prince Fielder appears to have done the same. By the time I decide whether I like the look, they could be sporting goatees and giant sideburns.

On Gabe Kapler, the shaved head is a great, tough-guy look. I may be wrong, since I get only a quick glimpse of the guys when they switch hats after batting, but it looks like Fielder and Jason Kendall scrape the whole cranium, too. I wonder who sets the fashions in the dugout. Is it Fielder, the young powerhouse? Or Kapler and Kendall, the newest veterans?

News alert
After an in-depth study, scientists have uncovered three conditions that cause the Milwaukee Brewers to lose games on road trips: global warming, escalating gas prices and bisphenol A.

Hunk alert
I enjoy the addition of Jeff Cirillo to the FSN team of commentators. He sure looks great in a coat and tie!

How could I write all these words about my team without once mentioning Ryan Braun's beautiful swing? Wow, isn't he fun to watch?