Geary throws two-inning simulated game

Geary throws two-inning simulated game

MILWAUKEE -- Although he was facing his own teammates and he was pitching five hours before the start of the real game scheduled to be played at Miller Park, Geoff Geary was as giddy during his simulated outing on Saturday as an ace starter on Opening Day.

"Bullpen guys are adrenaline junkies," Geary said. "We thrive off of that. All I was doing was throwing to the same two hitters, and I felt like it was the World Series."

Geary threw two simulated innings, pitching to catcher J.R. Towles and outfielder Michael Bourn. He threw 15 pitches in each as a final step toward activation from the disabled list.

"I don't feel any pain or strain anywhere," Geary said. "It's just a matter of controlling adrenaline, which is beyond controllable right now."

Geary admitted to Towles he was "a little jumpy" with his curveball, but the right-hander brushed that off as nothing more than excitement to be back on the mound after spending two weeks on the DL with a strained right groin. Assuming his health status doesn't change, he'll be activated prior to Tuesday's opener in Pittsburgh. The Astros will probably wait until that day to clear a roster spot, just to make sure Geary is still feeling good.

Although Geary is anxious to return to the Astros' relief corps, he admitted the vantage point from the dugout during games is much more interesting than the view from the bullpen. He enjoyed picking up on his teammates' routines and quirks while tagging along with the hitters kind of like a kid brother.

"Guys have certain routines -- where their gloves go, where their hats go ... they have to sit on certain sides during certain innings," Geary said. "It's all a routine and I'm just breaking up the monotony by being there -- 'Where you guys going? I want to go.'"

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