Demand-based pricing to return for select Brewers games in 2012

MILWAUKEE – After a successful launch in 2011 with the goal of providing the best ticket value for fans, the Brewers will again offer a demand-based pricing system for nine games this year. The pricing will be implemented in the Loge Outfield and Loge Bleacher seating categories only.

Demand-based pricing helps teams more accurately price tickets for individual games and provide fans with more price options.  By utilizing advanced computer pricing software linked to the ticketing system, the Brewers will have the ability to adjust ticket prices in real time based on ticket purchasing demand and changing factors such as team performance, pitching matchups and the weather.

“We tested this program in 2011 with three games, and we were pleased with the results and feedback we received from fans who participated,” said Brewers Chief Operating Officer, Rick Schlesinger. “Demand-based pricing rewards fans with the best deals if they plan their purchase in advance while also protecting Season Seat Holder value. This structure helps us accommodate more fans with attractive pricing options for seats that otherwise may go unsold.”

Beginning with the first day of individual game sales (set for next Saturday, Feb. 25), pricing for seats in the Loge Outfield and Loge Bleacher locations for the designated nine games is subject to change. Fans should be reminded that they will usually receive the lowest price the earlier they purchase their tickets to the demand-based pricing games. 

The nine games scheduled for the demand-based pricing system in 2012 include the following:

  • Saturday, April 7 vs. Cardinals
  • Monday, May 7 vs. Reds
  • Sunday, May 20 vs. Twins
  • Friday, June 8 vs. Padres
  • Wednesday, July 4 vs. Marlins
  • Friday, July 17 vs. Cardinals
  • Sunday, August 19 vs. Phillies
  • Tuesday, August 21 vs. Cubs
  • Saturday, September 15 vs. Mets

Beginning February 25 at 9 a.m., fans will be able to purchase tickets at the Box Office or by visiting, selecting the “Tickets” tab and then clicking on the Demand-Based Pricing link. 

Other Major League teams such as the St. Louis Cardinals, Minnesota Twins and Chicago White Sox have implemented different versions of demand-based pricing.