Clubs divvy up lucrative postseason haul

Clubs divvy up lucrative postseason haul

Clubs divvy up lucrative postseason haul
Major League Baseball on Monday released the 2011 postseason shares distribution, outlining the cut members of a dozen organizations took following one of the game's most heralded playoffs in recent memory.

Formed from 60 percent of the gate receipts from the first three games of the Division Series and 60 percent of the gate receipts from the first four games of both the League Championship Series and the World Series, the players' pool was divided among 12 clubs: the two World Series participants, the two League Championship Series and four Division Series runners-up, and the four regular-season second-place clubs that were not Wild Card winners.

A vote by each team's players most often decides how many full shares, partial shares and cash awards to dole out and to whom. Clubhouse workers as well as team officials frequently receive a portion as a thank you.

The World Series champion Cardinals totaled $323,169.98 per share this year, while the American League champion Rangers took $251,515.76 per share. Those numbers are similar to 2010's, when the Giants received $317,631.29 per full share after winning it all and the Rangers received shares of $246,279.55.

St. Louis awarded 51 full shares, 11.962 partial shares and eight cash awards. Texas awarded 47 full shares, 6.5 partial shares and 19 cash awards.

The total players' pool was $57,299,244.23, with the Cardinals taking $20,627,727.92 and Texas taking $13,751,818.61.

Here's how the other teams fared:

Championship Series runners-up

• Tigers

Total: $6,875,909.30
Individual full share amount: $126,901.50

Detroit gave 44 full shares, 10.12 partial shares and four cash awards.

• Brewers

Total: $6,875,909.30
Full share: $133,511.33

Milwaukee gave 44 full shares, 5.74 partial shares and 25 cash awards.

Division Series runners-up

• D-backs

Total: $1,718,977.33
Full share: $26,674.74

Arizona gave 52 full shares, 10.368 partial shares and nine cash awards.

• Yankees

Total: $1,718,977.33
Full share: $26,238.86

New York gave 53 full shares, 11.94 partial shares and three cash awards.

• Phillies

Total: $1,718,977.33
Full share: $30,400.62

Philadelphia gave 46 full shares, 9.72 partial shares and three cash awards.

• Rays

Total: 1,718,977.33
Full share: $30,758.08

Tampa Bay gave 45 full shares, 8.79 partial shares and 24 cash awards.

Second-place finishers (non-Wild Card winners)

• Braves

Total: $572,992.44
Full share: $11,088.51

Atlanta gave 41 full shares, 10.13 partial shares and six cash awards.

• Indians

Total: $572,992.44
Full share 10,366.06

Cleveland gave 44 full shares, 10 partial shares and 13 cash awards.

• Angels

Total: $572,992.44
Full share:$10,862.42

The Angels gave 40 full shares and a total of 12.75 partial shares.

• Giants

Total: $572,992.44
Full share: $10,689.58

San Francisco gave 42 full shares, 10.93 partial shares and one cash award.

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