Oct. 8 Luis Severino postgame interview

Oct. 8 Luis Severino postgame interview

Q. Luis, how much does it mean to get this opportunity after the way things went in the Wild Card Game?

LUIS SEVERINO:: It means a lot. I think the last start I have wasn't my best one, so I'll have a chance to go over there and try to do my job and give the team a chance to win.

Q. Luis, what did you learn about your emotions and adrenaline, pitching in a playoff game the other day that you can use tomorrow?

LUIS SEVERINO:: I learned that it doesn't help, you know, a lot of adrenaline, trying to do too much. So tomorrow just try to calm myself down and try to breathe and think before every pitch.

Q. Luis, what has the last week been like for you? Have you been thinking about that start against the Twins a lot, or have you been able to turn the page?

LUIS SEVERINO:: I mean, I start the next day, I look at the videos, see what happened and that was learn from my -- that start, trying to -- not to be too perfect, just locating my pitches and trying to be more careful with the hitters.