Oct. 8 Rick Porcello postgame interview

Oct. 8 Rick Porcello postgame interview

Q. What's it been like for you this series, not knowing when you were going to pitch, having to be ready in the bullpen, just can you just talk about how difficult that's been for you and how excited I'm sure you are tomorrow.

RICK PORCELLO: I mean I wouldn't necessarily say it's been difficult, that's my job. I got to be ready to win whenever the ball is handed over to me and you take each day one day at a time and John and Carl gave me plenty of preparation and notice on what my role would be leading up to Game 4, so I was ready for any kind of a scenario coming out of the bullpen and ready it I can at that the game in Game 4 now.

Q. Can you share your thoughts on David Price's performance and what it was like being in the did you go out between innings?

RICK PORCELLO: Yeah, it was fantastic. I wasn't in the dugout, but the way he threw the ball, the way he's been throwing the ball out of the bullpen has been tremendous. He's David Price for a reason. That was a huge lift for us today and we needed it and it came at the perfect time.

Q. Speaking of lifts, the catch by Betts today, tell me, as a pitcher on the mound, you may be trailing, what type of lift does that give the whole team?

RICK PORCELLO: Yeah, that was a huge play. Obviously a momentum shifter. That ball leaves the ballpark and that kind of deflates us a little bit. Him making that catch gave us a boost and we were able to, guys were able to swing the bat and continue the momentum on our side, which, it's been big, this entire series it feels like the momentum has been the biggest part. So making that catch and saving the home run was huge.

Porcello on his role in ALDS

Q. This is obviously been a really challenging season for you. Are you sort of excited in some way to maybe be able to redeem yourself and keep the team being able to go into Game 5?

RICK PORCELLO: Absolutely. I'm definitely looking forward to this opportunity and giving us a chance to go out there and play a Game 5 in Houston. So I couldn't ask for a better opportunity and I'll go out there and do my thing.

Q. When the Astros came in to end the regular season you had looked at a lot of video on them. Have you seen anything since then about the way that they go after certain sequences and locations that maybe differed from what you originally saw?

RICK PORCELLO: Obviously we saw in the series at the end of the year and even the first two games how potent they can be and how aggressive they are. They put good swings on the ball from the first pitch all the way throughout the entire at-bat. So that's something that we knew and they have showed it and we got to counter that with executing every pitch from the get-go. There's no get me over fastballs, no get me over breaking balls because they have the ability to hurt you with that kind of stuff. So we're aware of what they're capable of doing and we have seen it and we got to counteract it by making good pitches.

Q. You had the one inning pitched earlier in the series, how much, even though it was only an inning, how beneficial do you think that was for you going into tomorrow?

RICK PORCELLO: It felt good to get out there and I guess get my feet wet so to speak in a playoff time atmosphere and that sort of thing. It's always a different animal in the postseason, so it was good to get out there and get an inning of work.

THE MODERATOR: All right, Rick, thanks for coming in.