Oct. 7 Austin Barnes postgame interview

Oct. 7 Austin Barnes postgame interview

Q. Robbie Ray has been such a tough battle for you guys in the past. How are you sort of able to turn the tables tonight and maneuver around it?

AUSTIN BARNES: I think we did a good job as a lineup just making him work. I think that's obviously the better approach we've had against him. We've seen him many times so we knew what we were going to get. I think we did a good job of zoning him up and making him work.

Q. Austin, can you break down that fifth inning. You're a big part of that fifth inning. Can you break it down a little bit and kind of tell us about how symbolic it was about the team this season?

AUSTIN BARNES: Is that the double one?

Q. Yeah.

AUSTIN BARNES: Yeah, we were just grinding through those at-bats. Logan got on, and Grandy got that big hit too. So, yeah, we were just -- the whole game was pretty much the same. We were just grinding through our at-bats, one through eight really. Puig had great at-bats, Logan had a good at-bat. Yeah, when we're doing that as a unit, we can be pretty special.

Q. Last night it was Kershaw, Turner, Puig, the guys who are on the billboards, and tonight it was guys, with all due respect, like yourself. Do championship teams need games like this where the bottom of the order steps up and wins games that aren't necessarily pretty?

AUSTIN BARNES: Yeah, these games are dog fights, so it's going to take a team effort and a collective unit. We've been doing this kind of all year. When we were good early in the season on that streak, it was kind of a similar way. We were just grinding through at-bats. Pretty relentless throughout. We were taking what they gave us. If they were going to walk us, we were taking the walks, and we just trusted someone was going to get the hit.

Q. We're all kind of still getting used to Kenta pitching out of the pen. From your perspective, how did he look in that role tonight?

AUSTIN BARNES: Yeah, he looked really good. Obviously, his slider was really good. His fastball had some pretty good life to it. So, yeah. He came ready to throw right away. Obviously, that's probably a transition for him out of the pen. But, yeah, he did a great job. He went through their lineup, the meat of it, and he made some big pitches.