Blash yet to hear from family in Virgin Islands

Hurricane Irma causes devastation in St. Thomas, home of Padres OF

Blash yet to hear from family in Virgin Islands

SAN DIEGO -- Padres outfielder Jabari Blash was still awaiting word from his family in St. Thomas at the end of Thursday night's 3-0 win over the Cardinals, team officials confirmed, as Hurricane Irma has devastated parts of the Carribbean and is approaching Florida.

St. Thomas, part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, where Blash grew up, received the brunt of the storm's fury. According to NPR, the island sustained winds of 150 mph for multiple hours, damaging cell towers, hospitals and medical facilities in the area.

Blash has yet to hear from his immediate family, including his mother, Yvette, though he has spoken with his grandmother, who resides on a different part of the island.

Natural disasters have rocked the southeastern United States -- and the Major League Baseball community -- over the past few weeks. Hurricane Harvey ravaged the Houston area last week. Now, Irma is expected to cause similar devastation in Florida, and has already affected parts of the Caribbean.

Blash was not in the Padres' starting lineup on Thursday.

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