Is Myers' oppo shot a sign he's coming around?

Is Myers' oppo shot a sign he's coming around?

CINCINNATI -- Wil Myers hit an opposite-field home run Wednesday night in the Padres' 8-3 loss in Cincinnati. It was a blast reminiscent of his All-Star 2016 campaign, in which Myers spent the season's first half spraying baseballs to all parts of the yard.

He hasn't done much of that lately. The righty-hitting first baseman has 22 home runs this year, only three of which have landed to the right of straightaway center. His two-run dinger Wednesday -- a smooth piece of hitting on an 0-1 fastball that was actually outside the strike zone -- was his first oppo shot since June 16.

"I haven't hit a ball like that the other way in a long time," Myers said. "I've been rolling over too much lately. To stay through a ball was really nice."

Said Padres manager Andy Green: "That home run, that way, that's vintage Wil in my mind."

He's not kidding. Here is Myers' spray chart for the 2016 season:

His home runs aren't nearly dispersed as evenly in 2017:

"Vintage Wil" has largely been absent for the past three months. On May 10, Myers' average sat at .301. He's hitting .204 since, and his 137 strikeouts lead the National League.

"This is one thing I've gone through that I've never been through in my career, to struggle this bad for this long," Myers said. "This game will humble you, going through that."

In the interim, he has spent plenty of time honing his swing. He thought he had found a fix Saturday in Pittsburgh when he went deep. Then he struck out six times over the next three games. So he made another adjustment Wednesday afternoon.

In the cage before the game, Myers altered the timing on his load step in an effort to stop him from feeling as though he was simply catching up to pitches.

"I don't want to get my hopes up to say, 'I hit a home run, now I'm going to get going,'" Myers said. "Because that's happened a few times throughout the last two and a half months. ... I felt good today, just want to build off that."

Still, there's something to be said about Myers showing off his power to right field.

"Love to see him back over there," said Green. "Everybody knows that when he's at his best, he's [hitting to] right-center, big part of the ballpark, hitting the ball out with as much pop as anybody in the game."

For one swing Wednesday night at least, "Vintage Wil" was back.

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