Ozzie expresses displeasure over play

Ozzie expresses displeasure

PHOENIX -- It took Ozzie Guillen until Game No. 24 on the Cactus League schedule before he showed a little bit of displeasure with his team's play in Arizona.

"I wouldn't say I'm [upset]," the White Sox manager said following his team's 8-2 loss to the Dodgers. "I'm a little disappointed.

"That's the worst game we played all Spring Training," Guillen added.

While Guillen acknowledged some of Thursday's positives, such as the mound efforts turned in by Mark Buehrle, Boone Logan and closer Bobby Jenks, he was unhappy with the overall lack of intensity from his charges. He added that the players, as a unit, looked as if they were out to get their three at-bats and get out of there.

Guillen preached about the obligation the players have to the fans, who come to watch them put forth their best effort even during the laid-back spring days. He also understood how this particular ledger gets a bit long and arduous near the end and explained how he was happy with the effort through the start of this past week.

But after watching this same sort of drop in intensity over the past three days, Guillen could no longer stay quiet.

"During the last three days, they have been real bad," Guillen said. "No intensity or push or want to be out there. That's not going to happen. I'm not going to put up with that [stuff] this year.

"If they keep playing like that, they will be there for nine innings. If they are tired, so am I. I don't want to be here now. I would rather be in Cleveland. I ask them every day before stretching if anyone is tired, sick, sore or needs a rest, then let me know. I don't have any answer, then they play.

"You won't turn the switch on just like that. We need to get better effort as a unit, and if I have to push the pedal myself, I will do it."

Scott Merkin is a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.