Notes: Gotay to have CAT scan on ankle

Notes: Gotay to have CAT scan on ankle

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- The Mets seemingly had played one game without adding a name to their infirmary roster. Their 3-2, 10-inning victory against the Braves on Monday was complete. Players still were praising Mike Pelfrey's three shutout innings and laughing about Ramon Castro's standup triple. And then reality visited the clubhouse again: Ruben Gotay, already walking with a brace on his right ankle, had been scheduled for a CAT scan Tuesday morning.

Another episode of M*A*S*H -- Mets Are Surely Hurting.

X-rays of Gotay's ankle, injured Sunday, initially were said to be negative, but then the club announced that doctors had detected something irregular and wanted a more detailed examination. The Mets' middle infield reserve candidate was walking with crutches before and after the X-rays. He had hoped to return to play next week.

"I want to make sure I don't rush anything," Gotay said.

Met-ical update: The headaches are gone, so too is most of the sensitivity to bright light. And if Ryan Church doesn't move too quickly, the wooziness doesn't return. But enough of the symptoms of a concussion persist, so he isn't ready to return to active duty. The Mets' right fielder did return to camp Monday, hoping to do something physical and resume his preparation for the season.

He has no memory of colliding with Marlon Anderson on Saturday. Instead,Church has reminders of it -- cuts on the inside of his lip and half of a shiner under his left eye. Sleeping was difficult Saturday night, just as well, because concussion victims are advised not to fall into deep sleep.

His wife, who is expected to give birth to their first child March 12 or 13, monitored his sleep the first night.

"I was waking up to make sure she was awake to wake me up," Church said.

By Sunday night, sleep came more easily, but Church had to put dark blankets over his windows because of his eyes sensitivity.

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"I've had other concussions," he said. "This was a [Grade] 2, and it's definitely a lot worse than the [Grade] 1 I had when I ran into the wall in Pittsburgh [in 2005]. And I probably had something when I played football [in high school]. But this one is much worse."

Church wants to return to duty as soon as possible for normal reasons, but also because he expects to miss time when his son -- whose name will be Mason -- is born.

Met-ical update II: Anderson iced his chest Monday. He still feels the bruised sternum and his jaw is quite sore.

Luis Castillo expected to begin running bases Sunday. He didn't and won't until Wednesday. Castillo still hopes to play by the weekend. So does Endy Chavez.

Three bases and lotsa smiles: Castro crushed a pitch from Braves left-hander Jo-Jo Reyes to almost straightaway center field for what Castro called "my first 3-ball in seven years."

And he did make it to third without a throw.

"I feel faster," Castro said. "I lost 10 pounds."

A teammate heard of his weight loss and asked, "While he was running?"

Quotable: "You either can't hit it 'cause it's so bad, or you can't hit it because it's good one." -- Billy Wagner, on his fledgling curveball

Up next: The Mets travel to Jupiter, Fla., on Tuesday at 1:05 p.m. ET to play the Marlins for the first time since the final series of last year. John Maine, who buried the Fish in the 161st game of 2007, will make his second spring start, followed by Matt Wise, Pedro Feliciano and Jorge Sosa. Left-hander Mark Hendrickson will get the nod for Florida, with Chris Volstad to follow.

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