Twins mulling 5-6 candidates for No. 1 pick

Falvey says no player has separated himself from pack

Twins mulling 5-6 candidates for No. 1 pick

MINNEAPOLIS -- Twins chief baseball officer Derek Falvey said the organization is looking at five to six candidates for the No. 1 pick in the Draft on June 12, and it hasn't decided who it will select.

Top candidates who have been linked to the Twins include Southern California prep star Hunter Greene, Vanderbilt right-hander Kyle Wright and Louisville first baseman/left-hander Brendan McKay. Falvey said no candidate has separated themselves from the pack yet, but they should get a better picture by early next week.

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"We're approaching this where we don't make up our minds before we walk into the room," Falvey said. "When we start our meetings on Monday, at that point will try to dissect each individual player, question the quality of the inputs and then start to make some decisions on how we stack those guys up. I think this is the type of year where there are a number of players that we like. I don't know that there's one that stands out from the rest."

One thing the Twins could consider is saving money on their first pick, and then using that leftover slot money for later selections such as the No. 35 or No. 37 picks. It's the strategy the Astros used when they took Carlos Correa with the No. 1 pick in 2012 Draft, although it's worth noting the slot values are lower for this year's Draft after the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, which gives Minnesota less maneuverability.

"I think each year you see in the Draft you view it as a portfolio of players and you want as many upside assets in your organization," Falvey said. "In some cases you find ways to save money at different picks to potentially add more impact players to your Draft. We'll certainly talk about that strategy but I'm not yet ready to say it's something we'd do in the first round."

Falvey said the club's Draft board for the 40 rounds will have roughly 250 players it scouted deeply, and then others in clusters based on things such as signability. The Twins have an extra pick by virtue of the Competitive Balance Round, giving them three of the Top 37 selections.

"It's an opportunity to add real talent to the organization, not just at 1, but at 35 and 37 and subsequent picks after that," Falvey said. "I recognize there's focus on Pick 1, and I get why, but it's important for us to focus on scouting the entire Draft, because that's the lifeblood of building a championship-caliber organization: scouting and player development."

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