Torrealba, Napoli filling in Beltre's gaps

Torrealba, Napoli filling in Beltre's gaps

Torrealba, Napoli filling in Beltre's gaps
ARLINGTON -- When Adrian Beltre went on the disabled list, manager Ron Washington said that he didn't need any one person to replace Beltre's contributions.

Regardless, it seems that Yorvit Torrealba and Mike Napoli have taken it upon themselves to do just that.

"This is a guy with 20 home runs and 70-something RBIs, and he was basically the RBI machine for us in the first couple of months," Torrealba said. "He started the second half really well, but when he went down, it was a tough time for everyone on the team. We had to try to pick each other up and try to get some runs on the board. So far it's been working for Nap and myself. I give credit to all the guys."

Torrealba and Napoli are sporting nearly identical lines since July 23, when Beltre went on the DL. Torrealba is 18-for-46 with six doubles and a home run, and Napoli is 18-for-48 with three doubles and five homers.

The two have also been splitting time between catching and designated hitter, as Washington wants to make sure both of their bats are in the lineup until one of them cools off.

The two are 12-for-34 with six RBIs in the DH role. And alhough the arrangement has been working out for the team, Torrealba would prefer to catch.

"The only thing I like about DHing is that I get the chance to watch Nap and see the way he calls the game," Torrealba said. "That's probably the only good thing about it. It's kind of hard. I don't think everybody can do it. Especially as a catcher, you're so used to it being every single pitch, every single situation, being involved in the game so much, but it's working. So far so good."