Napoli adores mother's kindhearted nature

Napoli adores mother's kindhearted nature

Mike Napoli's mother, Donna Rose Torres, was a positive role model for him growing up, and he's grateful for all she did for him when he was a young ballplayer.

"My mother means the world to me," Napoli said. "I learned so much from her just about life, how she treated everybody no matter who you were. Just seeing how she would give anything, even though we didn't come from a lot, she would still be there for anybody to give back or help somebody else.

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"The quality of life I learned so much from her. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be here. The things she did for me and my brother when we were young -- make sure we were at practice, make sure we had our equipment, I was always on time for everything. She was just a good role model and somebody to look up to."

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