Own the action with Series DVD set

Own the action with Series DVD set

The Red Sox have won another World Series, their second in four seasons, with a four-game sweep of the Rockies. Every game has it's own special memories, each worth savoring.

In Game 1, you saw Yaz throw out the first pitch and Josh Beckett solidify his reputation as a postseason pitcher for the ages. In Game 2, you saw Curt Schilling win his 11th postseason game.

In Game 3, you saw Jacoby Ellsbury make Series history with a pair of doubles and four hits and fellow rookie Dustin Pedroia's big night. And finally, in Game 4, you saw Mike Lowell, the MVP of the Series, hit a big homer and Jonathan Papelbon close things out with his third save of the Series.

All of the best moments from the 103rd World Series can be all yours with the 2007 World Series Collector's Edition DVD Set. It is now available at the MLB.com Shop for pre-order, and you can purchase each game for $14.95 apiece or the full collector's set for $79.95.

"Every complete game from the 2007 World Series will be available in time for the holidays for every fan to own in this one-of-a-kind collector's set," said Ellen Capon, senior director of marketing for New Video, the distribution partner for A&E Home Video.

"Each definitive 2007 World Series game is presented uncut in this action-packed eight-DVD set, preserving the complete, unedited footage of every must-have 2007 World Series games and key playoff game -- plus exclusive celebratory footage and interviews."

After the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series to end an 86-year drought, a new kind of championship commemoration was introduced and was subsequently cloned because of its immediate popularity, resulting in massive sales. That is when A&E Video partnered with Major League Baseball Productions to distribute collector's box sets of complete games and other library content to DVD.

Now there is year-round popularity with themed sets, whether it's a 20th-anniversary commemoration DVD set of the Minnesota Twins' 1987 World Series, a collection of all-time Cubs legends or Cal Ripken Jr. career moments. And the crown jewel each year in these sets is the World Series Collector's Edition DVD Set, which also features bonus content, starting with the much-anticipated trophy presentation.

If you are a Red Sox fan who was among the many thousands who ordered that 2004 box set -- which has been marked down from $129.99 to $79.99 -- then things certainly are shaping up nicely for you to add this one to your DVD library.

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And if you are simply a baseball fan, then this is just a modern way to fly. You can't order the sequence of events that will follow in this particular World Series, but you definitely can order the games and then own the DVDs.

"It was a new and unproven product to come out with incomplete games with that first release in 2004 with that series, and it's really proven to be a winner with us," Capon said. "They're the ultimate collectible for the fan."

Mark Newman is enterprise editor for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.