Chipper comes to SunTrust for book signing

Former third baseman wrote about ups and downs in career

Chipper comes to SunTrust for book signing

ATLANTA -- Carroll Rogers Walton spent more than a decade covering Chipper Jones' career, and eventually developed a friendship with the former Braves third baseman's current wife, Taylor. But it still took Rogers more than just a few requests to convince Jones to write "Ballplayer," the recently released book that captures Jones' iconic career and some of the tribulations he encountered, including two divorces.

Jones spoke about the collaboration before doing a book signing at SunTrust Park prior to the Braves' game against the Mets on Thursday night.

"I've gotten mostly positive feedback," Jones said. "I think people understand I'm willing to discuss some of the warts and bad stuff as much as I am to talk about the good times. You know me, I'll throw it out there. I think it's very therapeutic to talk about it and let everybody know it's not all Johnny All-American. There are a lot of bumps along the way that go with it.

"If a young high school kid or college kid or Minor Leaguer has aspirations to make it to the big leagues and be successful, hopefully they read this and see some of the mistakes I made and don't follow down some of the same paths I did."

While Jones wasn't necessarily comfortable reliving some of those dark moments in his life, he certainly enjoyed the opportunity to reminisce about his childhood and the opportunity he had to fashion a Hall of Fame-caliber career with the Braves, who took him with the first overall pick in the 1990 MLB Draft.

"You don't spend 19 years in the big leagues and be involved in that run of 14 consecutive division championships and five National League pennants and a World Series championship and not have some fond memories," Jones said. "We played a really good brand of baseball here for a long time, and to be an integral part of that for as long as I was is a source of pride. So, whenever I talk about the good times, it's hard for me not to stick my chest out a little bit."

Chipper Jones on his new book

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