Yost: Screaming won't solve Royals' issues

Yost: Screaming won't solve Royals' issues

KANSAS CITY -- Mired in a nine-game losing streak entering Monday and coming off a 7-16 April, the Royals' worst since 2012, manager Ned Yost isn't about to scream at any team meetings or toss any food spreads in a fit of anger.

"Do you want your boss screaming at you when things aren't going right and you're busting your [butt] and doing everything you can?" Yost said before a 6-1 win over the White Sox snapped the Royals' skid. "It doesn't help. It doesn't solve the issue. It prolongs it."

Yost said that because the Royals are a veteran group with a core that has won two pennants and a World Series title, there's no benefit in calling any team meetings.

Yost did say he has had one-on-one meetings with 10 or so players over the course of the season.

"Those are more like 'What are you thinking right now, and here's what I'm seeing,'" Yost said. "That sort of thing.

"There's a time for [screaming] if you have a younger group. There's a time for a [chewing out] if they lose focus or they get to the point of not trying hard. But not with this group. They're all focused and they're all working.

"People think that it's productive [to scream]. It's not. What are you going to scream about? Let's get some hits? They know that."

Yost also said he understands that frustrated fans want to see their team vent as well. But Yost said venting publicly doesn't accomplish anything.

"It's not football ...," Yost said. "It's not a run-through-the-wall sport. It's played with finesse. It's played with smarts.

"My job is to get us through this as quickly as we can. If you do that [screaming and team meetings] strategy, it lengthens a [slump] and puts more stress on them.

"You stay consistent. I think the mark of good leadership is staying consistent and preparing the players every day to go out and compete. We have our hitters meetings and pitchers meetings. Everyday as a staff we show up and try to prepare the players. Now, the players have to produce. That's their job."

Royal honors
Third baseman Mike Moustakas and left-hander Jason Vargas were voted by the Kansas City media as the Royals' player and pitcher of the month for April.

Moustakas hit .271 with seven home runs. Vargas was 3-1 with a 1.40 ERA.

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