Forsythe, Turner both dealt painful HBPs

Forsythe, Turner both dealt painful HBPs

LOS ANGELES -- The Dodgers not only lost a game Tuesday night, 4-3, to Colorado, they might have lost infielders Logan Forsythe and Justin Turner.

Both were hit by Kyle Freeland pitches, Forsythe getting nailed on his big right toe in the first inning and leaving in the fourth, and Turner getting drilled on the left hand in the fifth inning. Turner played on but he was unable to swing a bat with authority.

Freeland was wild enough to also walk four in four-plus innings.

Turner hit-by-pitch on hand

The greater concern is Forsythe because X-rays were ominously "inconclusive," with further medical work expected on Wednesday. X-rays on Turner were negative.

"Some tests I've had with the swelling they can't really tell until the next day," Forsythe said. "I'm always optimistic. We'll wake up tomorrow and see how it goes."

There is additional concern with Forsythe because of the pain and swelling he reported, as well as his history of foot problems. He's had surgery to repair fractures in both feet, plus plantar fasciitis in the right foot.

"There's a lot of small bones in the feet and I've dealt with foot problems in the past," said Forsythe. "They're going to get a couple more eyes on it and re-evaluate tomorrow. It's definitely bruised, right on the joint that allows weight bearing. I've had surgeries on both feet, sesamoid removals. Those are out and it's nothing to do with those."

Although the club just promoted infielder Rob Segedin, manager Dave Roberts said it might need to bring up another infielder for Wednesday night's game with the Rockies.

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