Mobile makes access easy Mobile makes access easy

Robert Wiggins is among literally millions of displaced Major League Baseball fans. He is a die-hard Yankees fan from Jersey City, N.J., who now works in El Cajon, Calif., and finds every way possible to follow the Bombers.

His secret weapon: A Cingular (AT&T) 8125 PDA, giving him access to live Gameday Audio and the Yankees' WCBS radio broadcast crew, the Gameday mobile application and Mobile's wireless application protocol site. Thus equipped for the Yankees' drive for their 27th world championship as the new American League Wild Card, Wiggins is good to go.

"I love using both the Gameday and Gameday Audio services," Wiggins, a 26-year-old lead credentials examiner for a San Diego health network, said in an e-mail to "I've been using Gameday Audio for about a month now, and I can't stay off of it. When games aren't on, I go back in the archives and listen to games I missed last month. I love it!

"And now that the postseason is right around the corner, it's going to be more exciting listening and watching the play-by-play live. I used to sit at work and miss the action, but now I have all the action I need in the palm of my hand. It's off the hook! I've been recommending it to a lot of my co-workers. One of my [friends] comes over just to listen when his favorite player is up to bat. I no longer have to wait to go home and watch the highlights because I can listen to the entire game via mobile phone."

There are many ways that Mobile will make it even easier for fans like Wiggins to immerse themselves in this spectacular month to come. They include: Gameday Audio: Listen to every postseason game in its entirety live on a cell phone. Choose either the home or away broadcasters, just like so many fans do on their computers, with no blackout restrictions.

Gameday: Access every postseason game live at a pitch-by-pitch level. This allows you to watch live stats, pitch location, box score and play-by-play. Everyone uses the time-honored Gameday application on their computers; this is the mobile version and it's also loaded with cool capabilities.

Text message alerts: Provides fans customizable access to up-to-the-minute postseason information, including every lead change in every postseason game. You can subscribe on your mobile device by texting "GET PLAYOFFS" to 65246.

Video: Daily on-demand video clips from all postseason games can be viewed on a video-enabled cell phone. Replay the most dramatic moments through short-game recaps and highlight reels.

MLB 2007: This arcade-style video game is the only mobile game to feature MLB teams and players, and allows you to bat, pitch, field and manage your favorite team as you replay any regular or postseason game with actual game data. Mobile Web site: It is among the most popular mobile destinations and provides streamlined access to the latest scores, standings, statistics and team news from all 30 clubs. BlackBerry users can download an icon to their BlackBerry smartphone, allowing immediate access with a single click. The icon can be downloaded for free by visiting from any BlackBerry smartphone.

Fans should check with their carrier for details, pricing and availability of's unparalleled array of mobile features and services. And most of all, they should take the advice of fellow fans who are expanding their October repertoire in this way.

"My Yankees made it, so this is really the reason I purchased this service, because of the Wild Card and playoff race," Wiggins said. "I used to love watching the play-by-play, also. It's like I'm right there in front of the TV watching the strike box. It's bananas! I love it. And now that I have the audio, there's nothing else needed. I'm actually about to tune in, in about an hour to listen to my Yanks."

His Yanks didn't win another AL East division title, but they have a Wild Card and getting there is all that matters these days. That, along with having a good mobile phone and some baseball on it no matter where you are. Most fans don't live in the same area where their favorite team plays. It's a fact of life in today's mobile society, where you can relocate but not be separated from your favorite Major League club.

"I was brought up in Jersey City in a Yankees house," Wiggins said. "My wife is an Angels fan. We drove all the way to Anaheim just to watch them play last month. And there were more Yanks [fans] in the house than Angels. Boy, I felt right at home. I was loving it. The stadium was rumbling, with Yankees fans yelling, 'Lets go, Yankees, let's go!" You can feel the vibe."

With Mobile, you can feel the vibe all the way through the World Series.

Mark Newman is enterprise editor for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.