Collins tired of trade talk

Collins tired of trade talk

MIAMI -- There's a week to go until the non-waiver Trade Deadline, and manager Terry Collins can't wait for it to come and go.

Collins has had several players ask him about rumors, and he believes such rumors have had an effect on the team.

"It's human nature. I try to ignore a lot of it, but if you pay attention and you're out there listening, they're all sick of it," Collins said. "They want to play, and I don't think it's a distraction once the game starts, but the whole focus is what's going to happen on Saturday or Sunday, and not on the team."

Collins has told the players who approached him to see it as a positive thing. Teams in the playoff hunt are shopping for value during the stretch run.

The skipper also said he doesn't ask general manager Sandy Aldersen about the latest talk because he feels like it's not part of his job.

"It wears me out. I have enough on my mind to figure out the batting order and how to get these guys going. I can't worry about who's not going to be here," Collins said.

"I'm worn out by the conversation, and I know it's all part of the game, all part of my job, all part of your jobs to ask the questions that have to be asked and have to be answered. Most of the time we have not one time talked about the games. It's been about peripheral stuff. It wears you out."