40 winks: Red Sox seek edge with sleep room

New York-based Bedgear will outfit room with custom-made bedding

40 winks: Red Sox seek edge with sleep room

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The Red Sox are chasing every possible advantage both on and off the field for 2017, and that search has extended all the way beyond waking hours.

In an effort to help their players be as well prepared for every game as possible, the Red Sox are upgrading their "sleep room" at Fenway Park and outfitting each player to sleep better at home by forming a partnership with Begear.

The New York-based company will outfit the Fenway sleep room with custom-made bedding. Among the high-tech accessories are cool-vented pillows that are molded for specific body types.

Last week, representatives from Bedgear had a fitting session with each player to personalize their sleep system with pillows, sheets, mattress protectors and mattresses to fit each player's sleep style and body frame.

"Since 2013, we have been focused on finding ways for our players to get the rest they need so they can perform to their highest potential," said Red Sox president Sam Kennedy. "Bedgear will outfit the Red Sox clubhouse sleep room to create the best possible environment for restful sleep, and each player is being provided with a custom sleep solution tailored to their individual needs. We couldn't have found a better partner to help with such a critical aspect of player performance."

The Red Sox have had the 145-square-foot sleep room for several years now.

There, players and members of the coaching staff are encouraged to grab naps before games to be better rested for their performances. Teams are equipped with more information and resources than ever before, and Boston is joining a growing number of teams that believe better sleep can give players that additional edge.

"We consider sleep to be one of the most important activities we do as human beings," said Red Sox head trainer Brad Pearson. "It is while we sleep that peak physical and mental recovery occurs. While this is important to us all, it is imperative in a sport such as baseball, where the players are required to play each and every day.

"We believe the Bedgear personalized sleep system can be an essential ingredient in achieving the goal of improved sleep and therefore improved health and performance."

With a hectic baseball schedule, the Red Sox are seeking new ways to drive performance in their players and sleep is so critical, they are making room to fit it in everywhere.

"How many hours can I sleep without waking up, that is the big thing for me," said first baseman Hanley Ramirez. "It changes the way you play. It's unbelievable. When you're young you don't think about stuff like that."

Ian Browne has covered the Red Sox for MLB.com since 2002. Follow him on Twitter @IanMBrowne and Facebook. Matt Kelly is a reporter for MLB.com based in New York. Follow him on Twitter at @mattkellyMLB. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.