Pirates to use walk-through metal detectors at LECOM Park

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced today that the organization is installing walk-through metal detector systems to entry gates at LECOM Park for all Pittsburgh Pirates home games. The Club will begin to phase in the walkthrough metal detector systems beginning with the Grapefruit League Home Opener on Saturday, February 25, when the Pirates take on the Baltimore Orioles at 1:05 p.m.

Similar to the systems in place at PNC Park, the walk-through metal detectors provide enhanced security measures and an expedited screening experience for fans. All fans will now be subject to metal detection screening as they enter LECOM Park, which will include metal detection wand screening at select gates where the walkthrough systems are not yet in place.

"Our goal is to provide our fans with the very best experience possible while at LECOM Park, which includes their safety as a top priority," said Pirates President Frank Coonelly. "We believe that the move to walk-through metal detectors will enhance fan safety, while limiting the inconvenience for our fans upon entry."

Guests planning to come to LECOM Park are encouraged to leave all unnecessary metal objects at home or in their vehicle. The Pirates will position signage and guest service personnel at the approach of each walk-through metal detector to instruct guests of the simple procedure as they arrive. Additional personnel will be positioned at each machine to ensure a smooth entrance process.

Unlike the screening machines at airports, when approaching the ballpark walk-through metal detectors, guests are asked to NOT REMOVE any jackets, belts, coins, keys, wallets, watches, or other objects of similar size. By NOT removing these items, it will help expedite the screening process.

Guests will be asked to REMOVE cell phones, cameras, tablets, laptops and other large metal objects. When approaching the walk-through metal detectors, guests will be asked to slide these items in an extended tray that will be fixed alongside each individual machine in close proximity and in clear sight. Once through the machine, each fan can easily and quickly gather their items and proceed inside the ballpark.

"A simple rule of thumb for all fans to follow is to remove everything the size of your mobile phone or larger," added Coonelly. "Eliminating the need to remove items such as wallets, keys, and coins, will help expedite the entrance process."