Cain sticks with original mitt on Glove Day

Center fielder keeps game glove protected

Cain sticks with original mitt on Glove Day

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Royals center fielder Lorenzo Cain has a special relationship with his glove.

Cain has used the same glove -- a Wilson A2000 1799 -- for seven years.

But that doesn't stop Cain from testing out two new gloves each year, as he did on Wednesday for Wilson Glove Day at Royals camp.

"I don't know about anyone else's relationship with their gloves," Cain said, "but I can tell you mine is special. Very close. It only comes out in game time. I never practice with it. And it stays hidden during the offseason."

Cain is one of several Royals, including Christian Colon, Ian Kennedy and Brandon Moss, who have contracts with Wilson and were checking out new gloves.

Colon shows off new glove

But Cain sticks with his original.

"I fell in love with the [A2000]," Cain said. "You know what they say: Once you fall in love with something ...

"I still got my gamer in [my locker]. Like I said, I never practice with it. I feel like it has at least one more year in it. But that depends on how many catches it gives me this year."

Glove Day at Royals camp

Cain does take special care of his game glove.

"Oh yeah, it's definitely well-kept," Cain said. "I got a little beehive to take care of it at all times.

"And I keep it protected in the offseason. I keep it hidden from everyone. My kids sometimes find it and try to play with it. Or my wife sometimes finds it and hides it somewhere to mess with me. But I take great care of it. You have to."

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