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Fantasy 411 chat: Will Harvey bounce back?

Fantasy 411 chat: Will Harvey bounce back? fantasy expert Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat (at @fantasy411) on Monday. Read through the best of the Q&A below. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

@mrossi2257: Should I keep Gary Sanchez with a Round 20 penalty or Trevor Story with a Round 18 penalty?

Fred Zinkie: Keep Story. He could hit more than 35 homers this season.

Outlook: Story, SS, COL

@Jab00Wins: Would you rather own Wil Myers or Chris Davis?

Zinkie: I'll take Davis. He should hit 40 homers, and I expect his batting average to rebound.

@cswilliams30: Will Michael Brantley ever return to form? I'm debating on keeping him.

Zinkie: Without knowing your other options, I would likely let him go. I'm going to stay pessimistic on him until he proves he's healthy.

@gile22: Which two players should I keep from Brian Dozier, A.J. Pollock, Andrew McCutchen and Alex Bregman?

Zinkie: Keep Dozier and Bregman. You need to keep Bregman for his age and upside.

Outlook: Bregman, 3B, HOU

@davesull4: Are Evan Longoria or Mike Moustakas good keeper options at third base? If not, do you like someone else at that level?

Zinkie: Longoria is a solid option. Justin Turner or Jose Ramirez are other good options.

@BillyLessard27: Please rank in order for 2017: Jose Ramirez, Kendrys Morales, Kole Calhoun, Joc Pederson and Jose Peraza.

Zinkie: Peraza, Ramirez, Morales, Calhoun, Pederson.

@Baseballfan_sox: Who are some pitchers to grab late in drafts?

Zinkie: Some of my favorite late-round pitchers include Joe Ross, Ivan Nova, Francisco Liriano and Jharel Cotton.

@lahayejeff: Should I trade Corey Kluber for Gregory Polanco in a keeper league?

Zinkie: I would keep Kluber. Polanco is a talented outfielder, but Kluber is one of the top-7 starters for '17.

@tymn: For this year and next year, would you rather own Julio Teheran or Sean Manaea?

Zinkie: I will take Teheran. I believe that the Braves are trending in the right direction.

@Seth2091: Please name an underrated player that I should try to go after in my draft.

Zinkie: You should look at the boom-or-bust starters. Aaron Nola, Matt Harvey, Gerrit Cole etc.

Outlook: Nola, SP, PHI

@theginganinja18: Who do you think has the bigger year in 2017, Bregman or Dansby Swanson?

Zinkie: I'll take Bregman, and I don't expect it to be close.

@matthewrogers29: Do you expect Gary Sanchez to continue his momentum from last season?

Zinkie: Mostly, yes. His rate of home runs will sharply decline. But he will hit 25 homers and be a major asset.

Outlook: Sanchez, C, NYY

@jfiresports: Personally, do you think Matt Harvey will bounce back this year after injury?

Zinkie: I do. I like the idea of drafting Harvey as No. 3 starter in a mixed league.

@benjstarkie: Do you target a pure speed guy assuming steals will be harder to find than prior years?

Zinkie: Definitely. I would look to either get someone early such as Trea Turner or Starling Marte, or someone later such as Rajai Davis or Jarrod Dyson.

@VINCENTisLAW: Who will be the best rookie starting pitcher?

Zinkie: The safe choice is Jharel Cotton. I'll go out on a limb and pick Tyler Glasnow.

@JohnStangler: Please rank Cotton, Dylan Bundy, Adam Wainwright and Manaea.

Zinkie: Manaea, Cotton, Wainwright, Bundy.

@SPriest87: Going into an auction draft what players would you target that may be undervalued?

Zinkie: Look at the mid-level outfielders who don't generate much buzz. Players such as Adam Jones, Calhoun and Marcell Ozuna.

@baum001: Please share your thoughts on Joe Musgrove this year and long term.

Zinkie: Long term, I really like him. But I doubt that he throws more than 110 innings in the Majors this season.

@speej63: Could Andrew Benintendi be similar to Christian Yelich -- more valuable in real life than in fantasy baseball?

Zinkie: It's possible. But Yelich is still very valuable in fantasy. I expect Benintendi to have multiple seasons as a high draft pick during his prime.

Outlook: Benintendi, OF, BOS

@JoeyCherwinski: Please list your top three hitters and top three pitchers.

Zinkie: Hitters: Mike Trout, Mookie Betts, Kris Bryant. Pitchers: Clayton Kershaw, Max Scherzer, Madison Bumgarner.

@fantasyMLBnut09: How do you strategize your draft to secure enough steals to compete?

Zinkie: I try to get at least one player who will steal more than 30 bases, and at least two players who will get into the mid-20s.

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