Commemorate Jeter's feat with unique gear

Commemorate Jeter's feat with unique gear

Commemorate Jeter's feat with unique gear
Yankees fan Christian Lopez returned the home run ball Derek Jeter hit Saturday for his 3,000th career hit, but came away with three signed bats, three signed balls, two signed jerseys, tickets for the rest of the season and a few minutes with the Yankee Captain.

Not everyone is lucky enough to get that memorable of an item commemorating Jeter's historic 3,000th hit, but the shop has plenty of items for fans who want to remember Jeter's milestone.

The shop has T-shirts, jerseys, hats and hooded sweatshirts with the "DJ-3K" official logo commemorating Jeter's hit. The logo has Jeter's name rounded at the top part of the logo, with "DJ-3K" at the bottom, with Jeter's initials and "3K" separated by the Yankees' iconic logo. In the middle is Jeter, with his back turned and holding up his arm in jubilation.

T-shirts and replica jerseys -- with the logo patch on the shoulder and a special print on the inside of Jeter's No. 2 on the back commemorating the 3,000 hit with Jeter's facsimile signature -- come in sizes for men, women and youth. Fans can purchase home or away jerseys. Hats with the logo stitched on the side also are available.

There also is a "Career Achievements" T-shirt listing all of Jeter's accomplishments on the back. The front of the shirt has the Yankee Stadium facade, with the number 3,000 and Jeter's name.

Aside from apparel, fans also can purchase a two pack of silicone bands with "DJNY3K."

Merchandise for sale includes a 3,000th hit engraved display with a signed ball, a commemorative gold coin photo mint, a commemorative 3,000th hit bat signed by Jeter and a vertical flag with the "DJ-3K" logo and images of Jeter.

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