Cash after first workout: 'We're in a good spot'

Cash after first workout: 'We're in a good spot'

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- On Sunday morning, the Rays held their first full-squad workout, affording Kevin Cash the opportunity to make his remarks to the team about the coming season. The Rays' manager said that his message might have lasted 90 seconds, but it was clear nonetheless.

"We really believe in the guys that are in this room," Cash said.

"Because we value the guys we have and the guys we've brought in. Saying that, let's not confuse that. We know we have to get better. Work on fundamentals and stuff. But as far as the individual skill and the talent, we're very happy and feel we're in a good spot."

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For Cash, Sunday's message was the third of its kind he's delivered to the team since becoming manager prior to the 2015 season.

"I think you're always going to worry [about making the speech] because you care so much about the guys," Cash said. "You want to deliver the message in the best way they're going to receive it. You're concious of that. But as far as the nerve factor, if it lessens, I don't know if it ever goes away."

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