Hurdle: McCutchen deserved All-Star nod

Hurdle: McCutchen deserved All-Star nod

Hurdle: McCutchen deserved All-Star nod
PITTSBURGH -- A day after Andrew McCutchen's name was surprisingly missing from the National League All-Star roster, manager Clint Hurdle held nothing back in voicing his disappointment and frustration with the process that led to the omission. He suggested, too, that the Pirates' inability to put two All-Stars on the team had something to do with the perception of the organization and its market.

"I think everybody whiffed on this one," Hurdle said. "I know the challenges that come from [selecting players]. I sat in that chair, and I know there were managers that were disappointed in me. Well, I'm going to take this opportunity to be one of those managers and be disappointed in the entire process."

The NL roster was assembled through a combination of processes. The starters were voted in by fans, while some of the reserves and pitchers were selected through a vote of players. Pirates closer Joel Hanrahan was selected through that vote. Bruce Bochy, who will manage the NL club, chose the other nine players.

In doing so, Bochy picked outfielders Justin Upton and Carlos Beltran instead of McCutchen. Bochy didn't have much of a choice in taking Upton, as Arizona had to have at least one representative. But the decision to take Beltran over McCutchen, who has the Mets' outfielder beat in most statistical categories, was the much more perplexing one.

McCutchen was not selected to be one of the five Final Vote candidates, either. Final Vote candidates, who were picked by Bochy in conjunction with Major League Baseball, are voted upon by fans this week.

Hurdle was miffed by it all.

"The MLB whiffed, that he is not one of the guys getting to be in this vote thing," he said. "They whiffed on that. That's an absolute whiff. If you're looking to put your ballclub together, and a guy who can come off the bench and do some things, the numbers he has -- you can look at metrics, you can look at straight batting average, you can look at OPS, stolen bases -- he's an All-Star.

"The players, they whiffed. Everybody whiffed on this one, for me in Andrew's case. Me being his manager, I'm going to take my little 42 seconds of soapbox and remind everybody of what a whiff job they did on him not being on the team."

McCutchen was a little more diplomatic in his comments about being passed over.

"Just because you don't make the All-Star team doesn't mean you're not an All-Star," said McCutchen, who hit .393 with eight extra-base hits, six RBIs and six runs scored last week. "I'm going to keep going out there and playing that type of ball."

Hurdle was pointed, too, in his suggestion that McCutchen was snubbed largely because of where he plays.

"I think there are a lot of guys out there who just know we have hard work in front of us," Hurdle said. "The name on the front of the jersey has some challenges with it, and we're out to knock them down. That's been our goal from the start of the season. This is just another one we have faced. We'll knock this one down, as well."

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