Cubs announce Spring Training report dates

The Chicago Cubs today announced their report dates for 2017 Spring Training. Pitchers and catchers are invited to report on Tuesday, February 14 with their first workout taking place on Wednesday, February 15. Position players are invited to report on Friday, February 17 with the first full squad workout on Saturday, February 18.

Additionally, the Cubs have added a game against the Arizona Diamondbacks in Scottsdale on Thursday, March 2 at 7:10 p.m. Arizona time.

The Cubs Spring Training schedule for 2017 is below. All games start at 1:05 p.m. Arizona time unless otherwise noted. Cubs split squad games are denoted with an (ss).


Saturday, February 25                                         Oakland Athletics (ss)                                                          SLOAN PARK

                                                                              San Francisco Giants (ss)                                                         Scottsdale

Sunday, February 26                                            Cleveland Indians                                                                  SLOAN PARK

Monday, February 27                                          Chicago White Sox                                                                 SLOAN PARK

Tuesday, February 28                                          Los Angeles Angels                                                              SLOAN PARK

Wednesday, March 1                                           Kansas City Royals                                                                   Surprise

Thursday, March 2                                               Cincinnati Reds (ss)                                                                  Goodyear

                                                                              Arizona Diamondbacks (ss, 7:10 p.m.)                                    Scottsdale

Friday, March 3                                                    Cincinnati Reds                                                                      SLOAN PARK

Saturday, March 4                                                Los Angeles Dodgers SLOAN PARK

Sunday, March 5                                                   Texas Rangers                                                                           Surprise

Monday, March 6                                                 Los Angeles Angels (1:10 p.m.)                                               Tempe

Tuesday, March 7                                                 Team Italy                                                                              SLOAN PARK

Wednesday, March 8                                           OFF DAY                                                                                    

Thursday, March 9                                               Seattle Mariners                                                                    SLOAN PARK

Friday, March 10                                                  Seattle Mariners (1:10 p.m.)                                                     Peoria

Saturday, March 11                                              Colorado Rockies   SLOAN PARK     

Sunday, March 12                                                 Oakland Athletics                                                                      Mesa

Monday, March 13                                               San Diego Padres (1:10 p.m.)                                                   Peoria

Tuesday, March 14                                               Milwaukee Brewers SLOAN PARK

Wednesday, March 15                                         Arizona Diamondbacks (7:05 p.m.) SLOAN PARK

Thursday, March 16                                             Los Angeles Dodgers                                                               Glendale            

Friday, March 17                                                  Chicago White Sox (12:05 p.m.)                                               Glendale

Saturday, March 18                                              Asia WBC Team (ss)                                                             SLOAN PARK

                                                                              Milwaukee Brewers (ss)                                                           Maryvale

Sunday, March 19                                                 Kansas City Royals (7:05 p.m.)                                            SLOAN PARK

Monday, March 20                                               Colorado Rockies (1:10 p.m.)                                                  Scottsdale

Tuesday, March 21                                               OFF DAY                                                                                    

Wednesday, March 22                                         Cincinnati Reds (6:05 p.m.)                                                       Goodyear

Thursday, March 23                                             Arizona Diamondbacks (1:10 p.m.)                                          Scottsdale

Friday, March 24                                                  Cleveland Indians                                                                  SLOAN PARK

Saturday, March 25                                              Colorado Rockies (ss, 1:10 p.m.)                                            Scottsdale

                                                                              Cincinnati Reds (ss) (1:05 p.m. Vegas time)                           Las Vegas

Sunday, March 26                                                 San Diego Padres (ss)                                                          SLOAN PARK

                                                                              Cincinnati Reds (ss) (1:05 p.m. Vegas time)                           Las Vegas

Monday, March 27                                               Cleveland Indians (6:05 p.m.)                                                  Goodyear

Tuesday, March 28                                               San Francisco Giants SLOAN PARK     

Wednesday, March 29                                         Oakland Athletics   SLOAN PARK

Thursday, March 30                                             Houston Astros (7:10 p.m. CT)                                                Houston

Friday, March 31                                                  Houston Astros (1:10 p.m. CT)                                                Houston