Historic moments happening all over

Historic moments happening all over

Baseball never lets you down.

The players might. They could win as a team and lose as a team.

In fact, they have to fall short a lot just to make you appreciate success.

But the game itself, that is another story.

Just consider the immediate hours and days ahead. You might never have seen a confluence of Major League Baseball history in the making and the taking quite like this. Let MLB.com be your living eyes and ears throughout these proceedings, because you might never see a stretch quite like this again, either.

That is the promise and the allure of Major League Baseball, and this remarkable grip of the worldwide pastime is at full strength right now. Just consider what is happening all at virtually the same time and get that MLB.TV subscription fast:

• Barry Bonds has 754 home runs and needs just one more to tie Hank Aaron for the most hallowed record in all of sports. All of sports. Not even a debate. There is a home run record, and there is every other stat around the globe. MLB.com has announced that it will begin streaming every half-inning in which Bonds bats.

• Tens of thousands of fans (and props especially to Padres fans, who are there in impressive numbers along with most of the state of Maryland) have descended upon Cooperstown to watch one of the most-anticipated Hall of Fame Induction Weekend ceremonies ever. Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr., two legends who each played his entire career not only with the same team but with his same hometown team, will be enshrined at 1:30 p.m. ET today, weather permitting. MLB.com and baseballhall.org are delivering around-the-clock exclusive content to take you behind the scenes, so that you will feel like you are there even if you couldn't make this Woodstock-like pilgrimage.

• Alex Rodriguez is one home run away from becoming the youngest player to reach 500. Already this season we have seen Frank Thomas hit his 500th homer and Craig Biggio stroke his 3,000th hit all within the same day; what are the odds that A-Rod will reach 500 on the same day that Bonds ties and perhaps passes the legendary Hammer? Don't miss it.

• Tuesday is the non-waiver trade deadline around Major League Baseball, and there will be rumors flying everywhere and constant analysis on MLB.com, with reports from the only place that blanket-covers the entire sport with a traveling beat writer for every home and road game. The intensity of coverage equals a real-time experience that lives up to fans' expectations, and you expect something bigger every year in this era of the improbable. Really. Streaming every half-inning that Bonds bats? Not exactly something that fans were contemplating in 1974, when Aaron was passing Babe Ruth.

• Not only is Tuesday a day for last-minute trade talk, but on that night, Tom Glavine makes his first bid for his 300th career victory. And to make it even more compelling, it could be a postseason preview because the Mets are at Milwaukee, and facing the same Jeff Suppan who helped deny the Mets a World Series appearance last October. That's made for MLB.TV, too. Can the Brewers keep the Cubs at bay in this intriguing NL Central race? Who'd have thought? Brewers holding off Cubs.

Here's something else amazing to chew on while you consider where you'll be for that game: If Glavine, Clemens and Maddux all leave the game for good after this season, then five years later the Hall of Fame Induction class will feature three members of the 300 Wins Club. That's baseball. It never lets you down.

Mark Newman is enterprise editor for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.