Oct. 30 Aroldis Chapman postgame interview

Oct. 30 Aroldis Chapman postgame interview

Q. Did you have any inkling before the game, any idea before the game that you might be used for that long of an outing? And how did you approach it?
AROLDIS CHAPMAN: Yes, Joe talked to me this afternoon before the game. He asked if I could be ready possibly to come into the 7th inning, and obviously I told him, "I'm ready. I'm ready to go." And whatever he needs me to do or how long he needs me to pitch for, I'm ready for it.

Q. Even though you had that conversation, were you still surprised at all that you came in that early the way Jon was throwing?
AROLDIS CHAPMAN: Yes, and the way he was pitching I didn't expect to come in so early, but I mentally prepared myself. I physically prepared myself to come in as early as possible. And well, things came out the way they came out in terms of him being taken out, and I was ready to come in at a moment's notice.

Q. What's more difficult, is it the mental preparation, the physical of actually pitching more than one inning? What is the most difficult thing to do, and how did you kind of you combat it today?
AROLDIS CHAPMAN: I'm always prepared for the 9th inning. That's my job. I understand that, but I always appreciate it if they let me know that I'm going to pitch more than the 9th inning. That's fine with me.

Q. Aroldis, when Rajai Davis stole third, is that kind of a blessing in disguise, allowing you to focus solely on Francisco Lindor?
AROLDIS CHAPMAN: Yes, I obviously before the runner got to third I was concentrating on making sure if I could see if I had a chance to get him out when he got to third. But once I saw he got to third, I concentrated strictly on Lindor and getting him out at the plate.

Q. When is the last time you swung a bat?

Q. What happened with the play with not getting to first quick enough? Was it a mental thing when you didn't go cover first?
AROLDIS CHAPMAN: No, it wasn't anything wrong with my mental approach or my mental state at that moment. I fell on my delivery, after my delivery I look at third. So when I got up, I noticed I thought the ball might have been foul. But at the moment that the play evolved, I realized that Rizzo had the play, but by the time I would get to first base, there was no way I was going to be able to beat the runner. So I just signaled to Anthony to hold on to the ball.