Oct. 27 Kyle Schwarber workout day interview

Oct. 27 Kyle Schwarber workout day interview

Q. How disappointing was it?

KYLE SCHWARBER: Oh, it's not disappointing at all. It was a long shot at the most. You know, obviously I want to be out there for my teammates and everything, it's just the competitor inside me, but facts are facts. I just can't physically do it. So I'm going to be ready at any time during the game to go out there and pinch-hit.

Q. Kyle, in all of the work that you had done as far as like on-the-field baseball work, had you spent any time working on defense at all? And the other part, how comfortable are you pinch-hitting?

KYLE SCHWARBER: Didn't really spend any time doing that, because it wasn't part of the plan at first. This is just kind of just a "what if?" I wanted to give it a shot, and we talked to the doctor. We got his opinion, and we've got to respect the opinion of the doctor. He's got the best interest for me. He's kind of detached. He voiced his opinion. We listened to it.

And the second part about the pinch-hitting is fine. It's going to be another at-bat, and I'm going to be locked in for that.

Q. Was there a part of you that after all the emotions of the last couple nights and all the success you had, that you started to emotionally believe that this was going to happen?

KYLE SCHWARBER: What, playing outfield?

Q. Yes.

KYLE SCHWARBER: Yeah, maybe. Deep down in my heart I really wanted to, but there's obviously the doubts of the injury. You know, it was a huge injury, and that's the facts. Not many people get this opportunity that I'm in right now, so I'm embracing this opportunity that I've got and I'm going to cheer my teammates on, and when my time comes, I'm going to be ready for that opportunity.

Q. How much does it soften it for you that this is a team that won 103 games basically without you this season?

KYLE SCHWARBER: It's good, man. I mean, I remember going through some interviews, I'm like, man, these guys are doing just fine. I'll just stay out of the way. But I've got a lot of trust in this whole team, just watching it throughout the whole year. These guys played unbelievably. It was fun to watch.

It's just going to be like another ballgame out there for these guys. For me just to be able to go in there is just the cherry on top for me. Like I said, there is no being sad about it. There's no nothing. I know my role now, and I'm going to embrace it.

Q. How did it feel though out there today shagging balls out in the outfield? And was there anything specifically that felt like you couldn't do?

KYLE SCHWARBER: I didn't really shag. I just kind of stood out there. So I didn't really do any of it, so I can't really say what was tough and what wasn't tough.

Q. But you were the one that was pushing to do the workout today and try to test it out?

KYLE SCHWARBER: Well, we talked to the doctor beforehand, so we were still trying to get opinions during it, but we mostly had an idea what was going to happen.

Q. Have you been able to talk to any of your teammates since the decision has been made? Anybody say anything to you?

KYLE SCHWARBER: No. I mean, what do you want them to say? It's just we're going to take it like another game. I mean, we had a possibility that it might happen. They asked me if it was going to happen. I said no. They're like, "All right. Let's go."

No one's going to be upset or anything about this decision. So, I'm not. So, I'm embracing the role.

Q. Walking to the line tomorrow for introductions, what do you think that's going to be like? The fans have tried to follow what you've done and you actually got back and contributed. What do you think the reception will be like?

KYLE SCHWARBER: It's going to be great. I remember just walking out on the line, when I first got injured, and back for the first playoff game and everything like that, they welcomed me very well. This time, you know, I'm just going to embrace the moment.

It's going to be awesome. It's the World Series at Wrigley Field. It's going to be electric. It's going to be a fun atmosphere. So I'll definitely soak it in.

Q. There will be a lot of anticipation if you do get to pinch-hit. Is it a small thing or a big thing you get to use the new indoor cage I guess for the first time, really, in a game situation. Is that a big deal?

KYLE SCHWARBER: It definitely will be a big deal. For me last year when I was pitching we had the little small net that was in front of the TV. But, now that we have a cage, we can have a live arm in there, we can have flips off the machine, whatever we want. So I'll definitely be warm for when that time comes.

Q. Can you pinpoint when in the rehab did you even think, if the Cubs advance far enough in the postseason you even had a chance to hit?

KYLE SCHWARBER: A week ago. I had the doctor's visit and it was just an annual checkup, and I remember I was joking around with the trainer, so you type up questions. And I wrote at the very bottom, "World Series" with a question mark just jokingly. And he's the one that actually brought it up to me.

There was a small chance, like I said, for me to be here right now. So I'm just going to soak it in, embrace it, and keep going with it until it ends.