Oct. 26 Jose Ramirez pregame interview

Oct. 26 Jose Ramirez pregame interview

Q. Starting the World Series, you get three hits in the first game. How do you do to control your nerves and all that stuff?

JOSE RAMIREZ: Just focused on the game, and I'm glad that we won, and that's what was most important.

Q. What impresses you the most about Lindor and makes him good?

JOSE RAMIREZ: The energy that he has and he's always happy when he plays and that he's always focused on the game. That's what makes him a great player, is his energy and his focus.

Q. Because you play so many different positions so well, how many different gloves do you carry with you to the ballpark every day? At what point did you realize you could have such great value to your team by playing many different positions?

JOSE RAMIREZ: Well, right now I'm just bringing one glove to the game, but when the season started I was bringing four gloves to each game.

I always knew that I could help my team and I'm really happy it's happening now. I worked really hard in the off-season so I could be in this position where I am today.

Q. What does it mean to the offense when you and Lindor are hitting like you did through most of the postseason?

JOSE RAMIREZ: You know, we're just two guys that have already had a lot of energy when we play, especially when we're running the bases. We're always looking for a way to score. Because we're fast runners, we're able to run the bases quickly. So we like to take advantage of those opportunities to score.

Q. How is it to play for Terry Francona, and how much confidence does that give you in the way he utilizes his entire roster?

JOSE RAMIREZ: Terry Francona's a wonderful manager, and I really like playing for him. He gives us a lot of confidence, which is really important.

Q. I'll ask you my WBC question as well: For the spring time, what position would you like to play for your National Team at the World Baseball Classic?

JOSE RAMIREZ: In reality there's a lot of wonderful players, a lot of stars that will be on that team. Really all I want is the opportunity to play and to help the team and to have value there.

Q. In Latin America, as a Dominican, of course, you have the baseball in your blood from a very young age, but at what time in your life did you start dreaming of playing in a World Series?

JOSE RAMIREZ: Ever since I was little I've always been fascinated by baseball and watching the World Series on TV, and I would tell my mom, "Wow, that's incredible. I really want to play in the World Series. I want to be a professional baseball player." And my mom would tell me, "You're too little. You can't play at this level. You look at your dad, he's small, too, and when you get older, you're going to be little as well." But my dad always told me, he would always tell me all the other small guys that were in Major League Baseball, and he would tell me to look at them.

Now that I'm here and I made it to the Big Leagues, I said, "Dad, thank you for that advice you gave me. You helped me make it to the Big Leagues because of that." And he said, "This is just one step. You still have goals you need to reach."

Now when I made it to the World Series, I said, "Dad, I remember what you told me." He said, "Just focus on the game. You still have one more goal to complete, and that is to win the World Series."