Checking the Signs

Checking the Signs

Welcome to Checking the Signs: All-Star edition, as we celebrate the 78th Annual Midsummer Classic. Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde until July 10 -- the day of the All-Star Game. Be sure to double-check all communications and leave extra time for travel.

The All-Star Game in mid-July falls in the emotional water sign of Cancer. The crab loves traditions and Cancers find a Zen-like security in home and family life. They have a knack for creating a home virtually anywhere. Cancer rules the stomach, so they do well listening to gut feelings.

Controlled by the Moon as well, which governs the tides, they can be affected by moodiness. Wearing their hearts on sleeves, they can be easily hurt. Like a crab, they appear to have impervious shields, yet underneath is sensitive flesh. They also use their shells to retreat at difficult moments.

Tenacious and empathetic, they have radar to read others. A cardinal sign, Cancer enjoys the community of team sports and can be quite competitive. Food, family and feelings rule their world.

Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is an eight-time All Star and personifies the tenacious sun sign Cancer (born June 26, 1974 in Pequannock, N.J.). His cologne is aptly named "Driven." The Captain of the Yankees is an excellent clutch hitter, nicknamed "Mr. November." During the 2001 playoffs against the A's, I witnessed an eerily intuitive Jeter come out of nowhere to flip to Posada, making Jeremy Giambi dead meat at the plate.

Cancers can be a bit clannish, and have difficulty letting go. The Yankees' Cancer cabal includes fellow kindred spirits, manager Joe Torre, owner George Steinbrenner and general manager Brian Cashman.

Aries -- Mars spends the entire month in Taurus, helping put financial affairs in order. You're highly motivated, and this is a great time to make a budget for the rest of the year. If you have the chance to work overtime, seize the moment. Take care of yourself, though, since Venus turns retrograde in your health house on the 27th.
Marlins third baseman Miguel Cabrera is a four time All-Star and exciting Aries.

Taurus -- You're at your most competitive and energetic as Mars spends the entire month in your determined sign. Any projects that you handle now are sure to have strong success rates. The Sun's transit in Leo on the 23rd can create some stress between home life and professional responsibilities.
Four-time All-Star, Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran is a determined Taurus.

Gemini -- Mercury, your ruler, is still retrograde till July 10, so be careful about putting your name on documents. Travel plans are favored from the 10th through the 27th -- the best part of summer to take a vacation. Venus turns retrograde on the 27th in your domestic sector. Promptly rethink home and family matters.
Exuberant Gemini shortstop Jose Reyes of the Mets is in his second All-Star Game.

Cancer -- The spotlight is squarely on you, usually shy Cancer, as the Sun spends more than three weeks transiting your sensitive sign. It's your time to shine, so don't be afraid to take a chance because you'll likely be rewarded for being open-minded and unafraid. Treat yourself to an early weekend getaway with some friends on the 20th.
Twins outfielder Torri Hunter is an intuitive Cancer in his second All-Star Game.

Leo -- Your fiery sign epitomizes romance and creativity, especially this month with Venus transiting Leo during the first half, and the Sun moving in on the 23rd. Planetary giants Saturn and Neptune are still opposing each other, which could put a strain on relationships.
Dramatic Leo Alex Rodriguez, third baseman of the Yankees, is an 11-time All-Star.

Virgo -- With Mars in Taurus all month, you've got the inspiration to take an out-of-the-ordinary vacation, and if finances allow, why not try somewhere exotic? When Venus turns retrograde on the 27th, it signals a time to work on relationships, especially if you've been feeling taken for granted.
Dan Haren, Athletics pitcher and diligent Virgo, looks forward to his first All-Star Game.

Libra -- Major financial issues are on your mind, with Mars in Taurus this month. Libras don't often think far ahead, but it's easier on your finances when you do. Relationships may slow down as Venus retrogrades on the 27th.
Seven-time All-Star outfielder Ichiro Suzuki of the Mariners is a harmonious Libra.

Scorpio -- There's a continued focus on career matters with Venus in your 10th house. Mars in Taurus all month can create a sense of competition with significant others. Your social life is exciting from the 14th to the 27th, when Venus transits Virgo. It's fun being the life of the party, even though that's usually not your thing.
Reds outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. is an intense Scorpio in his 13th All-Star Game.

Sagittarius -- Use exercise as a means of handling stress this month. Mercury retrograde until the 10th can reflect some minor problems in financial matters. Career goals take center stage after the 14th, when Venus moves into Virgo. This is an excellent time to make friends with colleagues.
Phillies All-Star second baseman Chase Utley is an optimistic Sagittarius in his second All-Star Game.

Capricorn -- It's fun to have powerful Mars in your house of recreation all month, especially since you have some extra time to lavish on a favorite hobby now. The 1st through the 10th is good for athletic pastimes, while you may want to indulge in more artistic and intellectual hobbies after the 20th.
Cardinals All-Star first baseman Albert Pujols is a pragmatic Capricorn in his sixth All-Star Game.

Aquarius -- With the Full Moon in your independent sign, the focus is on making your family relationships as harmonious as possible. Your home takes center stage as offbeat Aquarians enjoy showing off their unique nests. Venus turns retrograde on the 27th, which inspires you to put the brakes on a business deal -- at least for the time being.
Dodgers All-Star catcher Russell Martin is a unique Aquarius looking forward to his first All-Star Game.

Pisces -- Travel is likely with Mars in Taurus all month. Try to arrange any plans after Mercury turns direct on the 10th, or you might have to deal with cancellations and delays. Venus in Leo through the 14th improves your relationships with workplace associates.
Mike Lowell third baseman of the Red Sox is a four-time All Star and empathetic Pisces.

Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer, is a devoted baseball fan and writer. Andrea has appeared on ESPN SportsCenter, ESPN News, ESPN2 Cold Pizza, Baseball Tonight and ESPN All-Night Radio. She's written for Major League Baseball magazines, Page 2,, as well as appearing on local TV and radio shows. Andrea was recently featured in "FantasyLand," a book on fantasy baseball. For more information, please visit This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.