Hazen chats with fans on Twitter

New D-backs General Manager Mike Hazen answered questions from fans (in 140 characters or less) during a Twitter chat on Tuesday, October 18.

#Dbacks GM Mike Hazen is ready to answer your questions! #HazenChat


@RyanBafo: What is the most valuable piece of advice you have received from one of your peers?

That's a tough one. Be yourself. In going through the interview process, it was understanding it had to be a good fit.


@Michael_Rokicki: Have you seen Salt River Fields yet?

Yes, I've seen a Fall League game there, but I haven't been inside yet.


@BlaneFerguson: What are the challenges as a former GM in the American League with transitioning over to this role in the NL?

Understanding if there are roster construction differences over 162 games, mostly from a position player standpoint.


@Jared_Bush21: What was most attractive about the dbacks for you?

The young group of players that are on the Major League club. It's an exciting group.


@ninadonline: Welcome to the Valley!! Do you like Country music?!

Yes. Love it! My favorite artist is Cole Swindell.


@Aces: Welcome to the @Dbacks! When do you plan to visit Reno to check out your Triple-A digs?

Hopefully very soon! Heard great things about Reno.


@stephenyd_07: What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

Getting to know all the great people that work here.


‏@forever_dalysha: What is the biggest thing you want to accomplish this year with the Dbacks?

Hiring a manager.


@charleslandis6: Do you have any advice for an aspiring GM in college???

Have a passion for the game. It's long hours and low pay at first.


@Darkhorse44G: What is your favorite uniform of ours?

I haven't seen enough of them yet to have a favorite.


@VisaliaRawhide: Welcome to the Family Mike! Recreation Ballpark, the home of the Rawhide can't wait for you to visit!

Great. Looking forward to it!


@KCCougars: Welcome, Mike! Deep dish pizza or wrong? Also, who is your favorite Diamondbacks minor league affiliate in Illinois?

I guess I'm wrong. But everyone knows Kane County is where it's at.


@john_ci94: How do you plan to build a contending team without the budget you were accustomed to in Boston?

Budget isn't the only factor in being able to construct a strong roster.


@BryantStine: @Dbacks offseason plan. Go after pitching in FA or let our young pitchers develop another year?

Haven't gotten to that point yet to formulate a plan for next year.


@stephenyd_07: Ok, a little fun question now, What's your favorite baseball movie and why?

The Sandlot.


@RFNick149: Are there any players you're most looking forward to watching, whether it be at the major or minor league level?

I'm excited to watch our Major League team play. We have a lot of talent on this roster.

Thanks everyone for the questions! Sorry I couldn't answer them all. Look forward to seeing you at the ballpark next year.