Oct. 19 Jose Ramirez pregame interview

Q. Jose, you hit so well in the ALDS, you and the rest of the team seem to be struggling in the ALCS. Is there a reason or what can you say about your offense and the team's offense?

JOSE RAMIREZ: You know, it's a game and you can't always have the best results you want every single time. But even though we're not batting that well, I feel good and we're winning games and that's what's important.

Q. How do you describe your team's confidence level right now in terms of winning the series?

JOSE RAMIREZ: You know, we're a team that always has a lot of confidence and we're playing together and we're happy, and that's what's most important.

Q. What would it mean personally to make it to the World Series?

JOSE RAMIREZ: You know, that would be really exciting because it's a goal that I've always had and that would mean that I reached this goal. And that's the goal that we all want and that's something that we're all working for. And thank God we keep working hard and moving ahead to get closer to this goal.

Q. How do you like the T-shirt? Who came up with that and have you had a lot of people ask you to get them the Jose Ramirez T-shirts?

JOSE RAMIREZ: Yeah, I really like the shirt. I'm really happy with it and other people like it, as well. A company called GVArtwork is who came up with it. He came to me with the idea, he showed me the shirt, and he made it for me.

Q. Yesterday Tito said he didn't like your hair. What do you think of his hair?

JOSE RAMIREZ: That's so weird. I really like my hair. And this series brought me lots of blessings, and we're going to keep it like this.

That's his hair, he can't do anything about it, that's his hair (laughter).