Oct. 18 Julio Urias pregame interview

Q. How do you feel being one of the youngest pitchers to ever be in the postseason?

JULIO URIAS: I thank God for the accomplishment, but I have to put that aside. I really want to play a good game for my team, and that's really what it's about.

Q. How do you prepare for this game, it being so important? Is it the same as a regular season game, or is it different?

JULIO URIAS: It's different. You're talking about a National League Championship, and it's a different picture. We're going to try to go out there with that mentality and try to give it my all.

Q. What are the keys to pitching against the Cubs, and does it help that this will be the third time you've faced them?

JULIO URIAS: Yeah, I've seen them twice, and that really helps. It makes me a lot more comfortable, especially being that the second time was here at home. I go in with that mentality and try to give the best.

Q. It's been a month and a half since you've gone five innings in a start. How hard is it to ramp back up to go like starter's innings after being used in short relief as you have been, and have you done anything in between starts to prepare for that?

JULIO URIAS: That's how it's been all year. The decision has been the team's. The only thing that's important is to be in the mentality of go out there, do my job, and that's really what matters.

Q. To begin the season, did you ever imagine being in this position? How would you describe this moment?

JULIO URIAS: It's been incredible. As a ballplayer, I set goals for myself ever since I came to the United States. My goal originally was to set foot on a Major League mound and to pitch at a Big League level. I did that in May, and now to be able to have this opportunity and to be called on to start, it's great.

Q. You were never expected to arrive so early. Dave said that maybe you'd get here in September. You did get here in May. How much have you grown as a baseball player in the last five months?

JULIO URIAS: It's something incredible. In the Big Leagues you have to be used to things like that. When I was in the Minor Leagues, I started to feel as if I belonged there, and that was how I was able to continue on. Now I feel like I'm part of the Big Leagues, and that's really important because I feel confident, and I feel like that's something that can help me moving forward.

Q. In your role as a relief pitcher, you haven't seen action more than five innings. Do you think you'd have conditions to maybe pitch five or six innings?

JULIO URIAS: I feel good. I feel strong. I feel healthy. As long as my body allows me to, I go with the mentality of going out there and having a good game and given the opportunity a chance to come in after me and hopefully win the game.

Q. You'll be the youngest pitcher to start in an NLCS game, does that add more pressure when you go to sleep tonight?

JULIO URIAS: The pressure is always there. It's something that you have to deal with. I felt the adrenaline when I was on the bench, so I'm thinking that it's something that I'm also going to feel. I felt it in Washington, but then I knew that it was something that I could handle and something I could do. It was a task that I could do. And I know that I can do it again. I'll just depend on my team. I'll depend on everybody putting a good outing together and hopefully come out with a favorable decision.

Q. The shape of your curveball looked like it changed late in the season. Was that by design? If so, how did you accomplish that? And where does that pitch fit in your mix, your arsenal?

JULIO URIAS: It's a pitch that I've been working on since I was in the Minor Leagues, and thanks to Rick Honeycutt, I was able to perfect it. Now it's one that I feel very comfortable and I'm confident that I can get outs with.