What Does the Phillie Phanatic Know About Leadership? You'd Be Surprised! Check It Out in His New Book on Business Leadership

Would you believe that "love", the most powerful force in the universe, can also be the most powerful force in business?  Just ask the Phillie Phanatic, the undisputed leader in sports mascots.

Known and beloved around the world, in this powerful and engaging new book, Tom Burgoyne, the Phanatic for 28 years, and Evan Marcus, a highly-regarded expert in executive team and organizational development, demonstrate how to use the amazing power of love to transform people and the organizations they lead.

"The Phanatic phenomenon is unique," said Burgoyne. "After years of serving in that honored role, and watching how people relate to the mascot, I was able to translate the feeling into a playbook for business leaders on how to use that same energy in their own company or organization."

Burgoyne and Marcus make the business case for love first by showcasing the undeniable, unabashed love millions have for the Phanatic. Then they ask a simple question, "How can YOU generate that same kind of love for your organization?"

Marcus has been involved in executive leadership for decades. Following an unexpected encounter, he and Burgoyne teamed up to harness both of their experiences into "Pheel the Love!"

In Pheel the Love!, business leaders discover:

  • The Business Case for Love
  • Seven Phillie Phanatic inspired principles that create and sustain loyalty
  • The Love-15 - fifteen questions that will build a blueprint for fostering love in your organization

"Everyone knows that the Phillie Phanatic is the Babe Ruth of mascots," said Pat Williams, SVP Orlando Magic and author of Leadership Excellence.  "This book is proof that the Phanatic is also the Michael Jordan of leadership philosophy. It inspires leaders to build great companies by being loving to the people and the organizations they lead."

For more information, visit www.pheelthelove.us.  Printed and Electronic Books can be purchased at the following locations:




About the Authors

Tom Burgoyne

Tom Burgoyne, The Phillie Phanatic, is the wildly popular mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies. He has been atop Forbes' list of "Best Mascots" for years and appears regularly on local and national sports highlight shows. He has jammed on stage with rock stars, dined with Supreme Court Justices and has led championship parades down Broad Street. Currently in his 28th season as the Phanatic, Burgoyne has performed in front of over 57 MILLION fans at Phillies home games and has suited up over 6,000 times at appearances around the world bringing the Phanatic's special brand of humor to sports fans everywhere. He has co-authored two books about the Phillies and has authored 14 children's books about the Phanatic.

Evan Marcus

Evan Marcus is a speaker, trainer, consultant and entrepreneur known for building world-class executive teams and coaching c-suite executives. A co-founder of DillonMarcus, he has spent the last two decades helping leaders connect to their higher purpose and effect a strategy to ensure their long-term viability. Convinced that leading from love ensures that long-term viability, Evan teaches executive teams how to infuse this Pheel the Love! philosophy into their organizations.   A teacher of MBA programs and guest lecturer at Wharton and the Fox School of Business, his extensive client list of Fortune 1000 companies includes GE Capital, Nestle-Purina, J&J, Olympus, Stryker and Villanova University.