Oct. 8 Angel Pagan pregame interview

Q. You guys only scored 10 runs in the five games here and I think your bating something like .106 as a team. Besides the fact that the Cubs have pitched really well, is there any kind of an explanation for that, that you would cite?

ANGEL PAGAN: I guess it seems like every time teams play against us they bring the best game out of themselves and obviously here all the five starters they have, and four in this series, they're all really good. They all have had really good seasons. But we have to find a way. We just, that's the way we do it. It doesn't matter how much we are hitting, we just got to score one run, like they did yesterday, and try to win a ballgame.

Q. How close were you to getting that ball last night?

ANGEL PAGAN: I was saying yesterday that, obviously, if the basket wasn't there, I would have caught the ball, but you got to respect that basket because that basket's been there for as long as I remember or as long as I lived. But I want to say that about an inch, an inch less I would have caught that ball. But, hey, that's the way it is. He got lucky and got the home run.

Q. Obviously you guys have to play Game 2 today, but what does it do for your mindset to have Madison Bumgarner set for Game 3?

ANGEL PAGAN: We have to focus on tonight's game. Whenever Bum pitches we have to focus on that game. But tonight it's the most important game. Yesterday is the least important. It's tonight. We lost yesterday, it was a tough game, very competitive, we're looking to go out there and do whatever it takes to win a ballgame. The reality is we're going to face a pitcher that has been really consistent throughout the year and we have to focus and find a way.

Q. Following up on what was asked earlier going against a guy like Hendricks tonight what will be the key to jump start the offense and get some runs on the board?

ANGEL PAGAN: Get good at-bats. Hendricks is the kind of guy that he's a very smart pitcher. I heard a comparison with Greg Maddux and I agree with that. Because he knows how to work in and out of the plate, he knows how to use all his pitches, keep them down, especially his changeup. But we have to go out there and have the right mentality, get the best at-bats possible and capitalize on any mistake that he makes.

Q. Does it seem like a long time ago that you played here?

ANGEL PAGAN: Not at all. Baseball goes by really quick. This is my 11th year and everything started here for me. So it makes it kind of special for me, this is my second playoffs here. First one in 2007 here with the Cubs and it's special, this is the team that gave me the first opportunity to wear a major league uniform and I'm very grateful for that.