Oct. 7 Johnny Cueto postgame interview

Oct. 7 Johnny Cueto postgame interview

Q. In previous postseasons you've pitched well at home but have struggled on the road in loud places like Pittsburgh and Toronto. Tonight you were great in a front of a large crowd. Are you more mentally prepared to pitch in this environment than you used to be?
JOHNNY CUETO: No, it's normal. I don't think about being away or being at home, I think that you just have to concentrate and try and do your best.

Q. Can you just talk about what happened on the pitch to Baez, what were you trying to do there and just what happened there.
JOHNNY CUETO: Nothing. He hit a home run.

Q. When you were out there did you kind of get the sense as the game went along that it was going to be the kind of game where one run for either team was going to be enough to do it?
JOHNNY CUETO: Yeah, you're right, we both were pitching a great ballgame and obviously we knew -- we were aware that one run was going to decide the game.

Q. Could you talk a little about your changeup tonight? It really seemed like it was a big pitch for you early in the count, late in the count, was it one of the better ones you've had this year?
JOHNNY CUETO: No, it was just throwing what Posey asked, if he called for the changeup, I threw it and thank to God that it was working.

Q. The home run, the ball was in the air for so long, were you hoping that Angel would catch it or what was your feeling just as that ball was in the air?
JOHNNY CUETO: No, it would have been great if Angel would have been able to catch it but unfortunately it cleared the fence for a home run.