Oct. 7 Javier Baez postgame interview

Oct. 7 Javier Baez postgame interview

Q. Can you take us through that at-bat there in the 8th inning.

JAVIER BAEZ: Obviously I was just trying to get on base. One out, obviously, I was thinking about bunting and the third baseman was playing in. So I knew Cueto was pitching me inside all day, I mean all night, just waiting for him to make a mistake and he finally did.

Q. You sacrificed a little power this year, you changed, you were hitting mechanics a little bit. How much power -- when you go up there do you still feel like can you do that pretty much any time you get a pitch to hit?

JAVIER BAEZ: Yeah, a little, I got a little power, but it's not about that, it's just about playing as a team and obviously doing the little things that we need to do and obviously try to win 10 more games.

Q. Did you say you were thinking of bunting?

JAVIER BAEZ: I was. I really was. With Cueto, that timing, that he does, that quick pitch, it's -- it's hard to get the timing down. Obviously, trying to get on base, I knew somebody was going to hit for Rossy and Les, so hopefully I could get on base and score.

Q. When you hit that, did you know it was getting out? Joe was talking about the wind, like on a different night it would have gone well out and it ended up just getting in the back. Did you know it was going out?

JAVIER BAEZ: I was so focused on that at-bat that I completely forgot about the wind. And I thought that I really I hit it really good, I thought it was way farther than that, but when I saw it jump I was like no way that ball didn't stay in. And it barely went out, but I still will take it. Didn't mean to show anybody up. Obviously, but it was a big hit for us.

Q. As well as you guys played defense, what was your take on how San Francisco played it tonight, and do you think the series you guys have had, a lot of one-run games, do you think this will be sort of the case for the rest of the series going forward, tough, low scoring games?

JAVIER BAEZ: Well, San Francisco is a team that, and I said it yesterday, that they score a run in no time. With two base hits I think they score a run and you don't even know it. But obviously with the game that Lester had and obviously Cueto, too, we did a great job for him playing deep for Les and he hit his spots.

Q. A lot of you guys said yesterday that you benefitted from the experience of going through the playoffs last year. In the tight game like this, you guys seem to play pretty calmly. Do you think it showed up tonight the way you guys were able to grind it out in a close game?

JAVIER BAEZ: Yeah, for sure. Obviously the game of baseball is 27 outs. It doesn't -- because we haven't scored a run in the 8th doesn't mean, obviously, you're going to give up. You're just going to keep working and working until we got a runner or the win.

Q. You had big home runs in the past, walk offs, you had a big home run last year against the Cardinals in the playoffs. What is it about the big time moments that you seem to kind of thrive in?

JAVIER BAEZ: Really, I mean, obviously everybody gets really excited. I've just been learning how to slow the game down. Obviously in big moments with how loud the crowd is, I've been learning how to control the game and slow it down.

Q. You just said that go out and try and win 10 more games. That sounds really simple and is it a case that you guys have to simplify it to that, to just 10 games, not think of anything else?

JAVIER BAEZ: Yeah, for sure. I had a big hit today, but we got to turn the page. Obviously, we got 10 more games to go and we just trying to get there and win it.